November Cover Story: 20 People Who Make Healthcare Better


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intriguing list. most names new to me. karen

november cover story: 20 people who make healthcare better

healthleaders media staff - nov 14, 2007

who is finding innovative solutions to healthcare’s myriad problems? who is showing courage in the face of daunting challenges? in short, who is genuinely making a difference in healthcare? the healthleaders 20 offers a snapshot of people from multiple corners of the industry who have made healthcare better in ways both large and small. in some cases, their opinions and actions have raised eyebrows—or even drawn sharp criticism. but these people didn’t make our list because they were trying to win a popularity contest; they are examples of dedication, creativity and vision in an industry of conflicting agendas and constant change.

the 44th president of the united states

we're holding a spot in advance of the election in hopes that the next president of the united states will be the healthcare voice that this country has not had in recent memory. we hope the next president will look back at the ruins of those who have tried to use federal healthcare policy as a reward to friends and a hammer to enemies. we are holding a spot for a purposeful, studied and impassioned driver of ideas that will change fundamental cracks in healthcare funding and quality. we hope this man or woman will understand the inalterable relationship between our future prosperity and our nation's health. we are hopeful our next president understands the urgency.

—jim molpus

t. boone pickens, philanthropist

sen. chuck grassley

dorothy wooddell, volunteer

garth graham, minority health crusader

k.b. forbes, ally for the uninsured

charles ornstein and tracy weber, journalists

whoever at wal-mart thought of $4 prescriptions

sorrel king, activist born of tragedy

regina herzlinger, the face of consumerism

judy murphy, it leader

the reformers in the governor's mansion

eboni price, new orleans physician

paul levy, the blogging ceo

debra levin, design champion

c. peter waegemann, emr advocate

jill fuller, a voice for nurses

sister mary jean ryan

raymond d. wells, small-town doc

cindy ehnes, managed care watchdog

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