Nova (NSU) BSN. Personal experience? Compared to Broward College?


I plan on applying to both Nova and Broward college's nursing program. Hoping to apply to both and start (fall) Aug. 2013. I have heard great things about both schools and, truthfully, leaning toward Nova. I am closer to finishing Broward's pre-requisites for their program. However, I have heard and seen on many threads that you can apply to Nova's program while you're finishing up your last pre-reqs then submitting your final transcripts once you've finished the classes. Is this true? Or will I have to wait till my classes are all completed prior to applying? I ask because the fall 2013 application deadline is April 1st and I will finish with the pre-reqs toward the END of April. :cry: I hope this doesn't put me behind in the application process. How do the school's compare program wise? I know Nova has a hefty pricetag and I'm ok with that. For me, it's about finishing faster through Nova since I plan on pursuing my master's after my bsn.

Hope anyone can help! Either way, I am very excited for the journey ahead. :)


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Im alsoconsidering a BSN then on to a MSN degree in the Fort Lauderdale. I know Novais a lot more $$ than Broward college. I do not want to go into debt. Afterbeing an RN for 15yrs. a BSN is a BSN. As long as its online, cheep and fast. Iwill save my money for my masters and Nurse Practitioner. Im thinking ofBroward for my BSN 1 yr online starting 2013 and then FIU or FAU for my NP.

I would also like to know what are FL RN's getting their Master Degrees in?What is the trend in FL for NP's?

Let us know what you decide.

I applied to Nova for fall 2013. Have you guys gotten any responses yet??


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What was your GPA when you applied for Nova?

Yes you can apply although you don't have all your classes done with.

Yes I have. They accepted me but considering all the $$ it would cost right now financially it isn't the best. Soo I choose Broward. Nova is a great school though.