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I am a student at NOVA trying to apply for the 2010 program. However, I can't decide between accelerated and traditional program. Of course I'd like to become an RN asap so I am leaning towards the accelerated one but is it true that most classes for the program are held on weekends? I hear that there's a small group of people enrolled in this program and they take classes together in the same classes...I don't know if this is true or not but I wonder if it makes choosing courses extremely inflexible. I'd like to choose the time and professors for my courses (yay ratemyprofessors) but I wonder if this is impossible with the accelerated program. NOVA website does not explain much about the scheduling or how the accelerated program works so I thought I should ask you guys.

Which program do you think is better?? I know NOVA nursing is extremely difficult so maybe trying to do it in accelerated program is a bit too much...

Thanks in advance for your help and advice :redbeathe:redbeathe

I graduated in may from the traditional program! I had completed all the "extra" classes prior to the program commencing, so that was a bonus. The program has changed and when the accelerated program started, I belive it was held at the Arlington campus on Friday and Saturdays. Not sure if they still use that campus or not, for some reason, i think they don't! I believe they did lecture/lab on one day, then ur clinical on the other. And of course you still had other classes to do like NUR 150, 255, 254, and the others, but the core nursing stuff took place over 2 days. Teh big difference between the accelerated and traditional, was the in the traditional, u had the summer off, and you didnt in the accelerated, thus you finished 1 semester ahead of the traditional program.

Its a super bonus if you can have the filler classes (ir pharmacology, medical terminology, etc etc) completed prior, makes ones life soo much easier! As the program goes on, you get a fair amount of reading to do, so the lighter the workload the better. best of luck

Thanks for posting I am interested as well :) I d like to know as well the difference with the online?


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Traditional and accelerated started at the same time last Fall. A few people were able to switch after first semester from traditional to accelerated because of the family situation ( husband deployed e.t.c ). I am in traditional and I like it. I do not think I could survive 16 week class in 12 weeks during the summer while taking care of my family. However, it would be nice to graduate sooner.

If you are only going to school and not working at the same time or have few children, and have all of your supporting classes done, accelerated program might be for you.

Sometimes it is not an option to choose professor or clinical location. You probably already know that. :nuke:

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