nothin' more cool, than knowing what to do around a ventilated patient'


been a nurse for eons it seems........

but relatively new to pulmonary nursing.......

but by now into the first millineum', please excuse if you not know micro lingo by now..........

but nothing feels more right when you are the nurse.....

and your patient starts to desat.....and you do not panic, but ask for assist as you set up to bag, etc...........

and the situation handled just in the normal scheme of things..........

and the patient is fine and we are all within our nursing and respiratory practice acts.........and your charges and the dr.'s respect you even more for handling the situation on your own.........

nothing rocks like pulmonary nursing..................

but you cannot be anal about it.....(but that is another thread).........and another day.....micro is already suffering from insomnia.......



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Way to go micro! I understand. (Especially as I'm getting over bronchial pneumonia as we speak....)


(waiting patiently, I might add....)


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Hey, Micro!

I work in a CCU, but we get tons of pulmonary patients. Just this past Tuesday I had the joy of extubating a patient no one thought would fly and she not only flew, but she was up walking aroung the room and up in the chair eating dinner less than 8 hours later! (Passed the swallowing evaluation immediately!)

Praise God, but this patient renewed my fascination with my work! (Not that it had lapsed much, but this was a true wonder!)

It's so good to hear from another nurse who loves the calling!:roll

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The day a patient asked my partner to let me be her nurse cause "last time I was in hospital I stoped breathing and Nurse Karen saved my life, if it happens again I know she'll help me" was one of the turning points that I new Repiratory Nursing was for me.

Feel POWERFUL with that suction cath that I can help make a difference.... just don't puke. THAT I can't stand. LOL.

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