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(Not sure if right forum) Starting a fundraiser for your hospital...


Hi, trying to decide if I want to commit to this and feel around how I am going to do this.

Have this crazy idea of running either a 50K or 50Miler next year like to run this race and while working to my race goal motivate people to donate money to the hospital I work at.

The hospital I work at their main campus does have a psych fund for individuals to donate money to support psych services at their campus. Be cool if I could start up a psych service fund at our hospital campus.

I would like if funds be directed more towards psych, but not many people are interested in psych so okay with going to the hospital in general.

Trying to decide if I should focus on one race or would people be more interested in donating money as they see me progress towards my race goal. Think have 16 to 20 races of various distances running from May this year to May of next year.

Also there is a local marathon that has a relay option like to possibly start up a running club at work and have some coworkers run the relay.

In addition to, in the end of May there is a race our hospital sponsors with various organizations. Portion of proceeds go to various departments in our hospital; this year believe portions go to the NICU. Would be awesome if next year could work towards having donations go towards psych services.

Any thoughts, feedback, or personal experience to share with me?

Sometime this week probably going to reach out to my manager who will help work with me and the philanthropy office at work.