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Not sure what to make of this!

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Hi everyone,

I have been here in Georgia for about 3 weeks..I am leaving Sat...I went on 3 interviews did that pharmacology test and I was told by all three nurse managers that they were interested. They told me that I would be called by the nurse recruiter on MONDAY..well no calls yet..The one job that I really want no recruiter..Not sure what to make of this.

The recruiter call me prior to the interview and said she would call me on monday to see how it went. Today is wednesday!!! I know it sounds like I can't wait. WELL I CAN'T I am leaving for home on SAT and I was told that one has 24 hours to "pee" in a cup for a drug test after the job has been offered.

I called the nurse manager and she said to me "don't worry, we all liked you." however she never said that I got the job..She said that the Recruiter has to offer the job. Am I crazy to hold out for the job that I really want based on a "dont worry statement".

What is the deal here?I guess I am not use to this system. In Canada things are not so round about.

I am just worried. I need a JOB LETTER in order to get a TN.

Thanks for listening.


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Don't loose hope, just remember the recruiters and managers are also dealing with an interviewing lots of other nurses and grad nurses so thiis is a REALLY busy time. I would send out some thank you notes to the recruiters and managers just to remind them of your existence. I would also call them in a couple of days if you have not heard yet, that way it shows your interested.


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