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Not so sure about the job offer now...


I was offered a M-F salaried plus mileage position. No weekend/holidays. The salary is low, 40K/ yr, mileage is 50 cents. Assessment skills are all that's required, nothing clinical such as vitals/wound care etc. I was told what territory (counties) I would cover, the closest being 13 miles from where I live, the farthest just shy of 50 (one way). I was also told I would have to come to a mandatory meeting once a week at the home office which is 52 miles from my home. I figured getting out of the hospital/ 12 hr shifts would be worth it. Accepted the position and have set a start date.

Yesterday received an email that the territory was going to be "slightly expanded" & the mandatory home office check in was going from once a week to twice a week beginning in July. The closest county I would go to is still 13 miles from where I live, but now the furthest will be (one way) 60 miles. That I would "occasionally" need to cover other areas & take call "every few months". These changes coupled with a 50 mile one way trip to the home office now twice a week versus once. Mileage to the office is not covered. Only mileage to clients home is. So 200 miles a week would be on me.

I knew going in driving was part of the deal but at the time I accepted the position the furthest county was going to be 40 miles one way with a once a week trip to the home office. I had asked about call in the interview & was told no call was involved. I spoke to a nurse last night who works for a similar company. She told me she was actually working out her notice because the low salary plus the 2500-3000K miles a month, closer to the 3000 thousand miles was just not worth it. Yes, 3 thousand.

I am trying to tell myself that being able to work 8:30-5, not being inside will be worth it but the truth is, I'm concerned that what was agreed to in the interview has already changed. Any other counties I may have to cover on occasion would be well over 60 miles one way.

I am still PRN at the hospital..my spouse says I should just remain PRN at the hospital until something more reasonable comes along. Maybe the driving won't be all that bad?


What does that gut feeling tell you. Go with that! Be careful of those that change the rules once you accept the 1st rules.....usually it is one of those bait and switch traps....but you still have options...don't leave that PRN position just yet!