Not sure I want to continue!


I have been on orientation and have had 11 days on the floor with 8 more to go then I am on my own. When I am there and once I get going I am okay but it is so crazy busy at times that I wonder why I am doing this.

I am a flex time (PRN) employee on med surg. I work a full time job mon they Friday. I wanted to get hospital experience so I took this job. I am only required to work one weekend a month. My problem is I am not sure i want to continue. Nothing bad has happened, I just don't feel comfortable and have not built up my confidence yet. I have to push myself to go to work. I worry about making a mistake and feel like I really don't get the chance to thoroughly learn about my patients before hitting the floor running.

My preceptors have been wonderful and I have different ones all the time because I am flex, so I get assigned to whoever is on that weekend. Not sure why I feel this way really. Maybe it is just being new to the hospital. If I quit this job I know I will never work the hospital in this town again since it is the only game in town.

Any words of encouragement or advice is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!


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Hi, sounds like a typical med surg floor. I too was in the same situation. You can your manager to keep you longer with your preceptor for more training?!?! I ended up accepting a psych position. Keep applying to other positions.

Good luck the first yr is super rough!

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hospital nursing is hard. Period. I believe that prn staff have a difficult time fitting in, because they lose continuity. Your choices are wait it out or quit. Either way, unless you are really needing that income, making yourself ill over it is not a good thing. Hope you find your niche

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Well I decided to quit while in orientation. I just can not devote enough time to this flex time position to meet the demands of the job. I truly admire those of you who do it full time. My hats off to you!


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Med surg isn't for everyone. You weren't given an appropriate orientation period. That is unfortunate. No nurse should be let to go on their own and not feel confident. That is not your fault! Take that lesson with you for the future. All the best!!!