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Not-so-great GPA at a VERY competitive college and getting into accelerated BSN progr


Sorry for the super long title!

Anyway, I go to a super-competitive and highly-ranked small liberal arts college. I will be graduating with a biology degree in 2011. I'm planning on applying to accelerated BSN programs and becoming a nurse after I graduate from here. Unfortunately, my GPA isn't so great--It'll probably be about a 3.2. I'm trying hard, but the way our terms are set up (only 10 weeks to complete a normal 15 week semester's worth of class material) and the high academic standards means that my GPA won't be as high as many other applicants' for the spots I'll be applying for. My question is: how much do you think nursing programs look at the school where the previous degree was earned? Will they see that I went to a very academically rigorous school and expect that I might not have a 4.0 like someone who went to a less rigorous school?

Thanks for your help!

I'm sure they'll take the prestige of your school into account. Your major will also look good, I'm sure. I went to a very competitive school and had about a 3.25 in undergrad, and have just taken my pre-reqs and done well in those (A's and on B). I think the schools end up weighing very heavily on personal statements. I've applied to several ABSN programs and entry level Master's programs, and will try and keep you posted, (I remember having a hard time finding this type of info last year) but I just received my first response today, and it was an acceptance to Villanova. So, I would say, just focus on a strong finish in your current school, make sure to create some strong relationships with professors/employers, don't worry too much about what you can't change, and when you're ready to apply, focus on a strong personal statement. I think you'll be just fine!