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I am in a fast track nursing program and am currently in my final semester. I found out halfway through my program that my program had eliminated the preceptorship during last semester. I finally accepted it thinking I would at least get to do a last semester of clinicals in an area of interest but this was also not the case. I was told I would my split between two units doing 1-12 hour shift per week. I feel extremely frustrated. Has anyone else gone through a program without a preceptorship? If so do you have any advice? To me this is a huge disadvantage because I am not working with the same nurse or even in the same unit consistently. I at least get to practice skills but I don't think this is ideal to try and learn time management or other valuable skills.

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Why do you think that? Why would you think that?


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Why do I think what? If you are asking about time management I feel this way because if I'm not ever with the same nurse twice or the same unit (which I have not been) I'm not going to be increasing my patient load and learning to manage multiple patients with the limited time. It's not the end of the world I just think it is a valuable skill to have. The advantage I can say from working in a different unit each week is being exposed to a wide range of patients.