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Not getting any patients assigned at end of preceptorship

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I am writing this because I am concerned about my performance during my preceptorship in an emergency department.

I am a nursing student finishing up my last semester at a nursing school. I have done about 12, 12 hour shifts and I am at the end of a preceptorship program. I am concerned because I haven't been assigned to have a single patient on my own.

I understand that at the hospital where I precept, we, as nursing students don't have any access to patient chart, so we have no way of knowing patient information, documentation, and lab results unless we ask our preceptor to access patient info, so we can view it.

My preceptor not assigning me any patient load, even at the end of preceptorship reflect my ability and skills as a nurse? Or is it because ED is such a different place from other unit, where it is hectic and always so busy, it is harder to assign nursing students their own patients?

Can anyone give me a feedback on this?

Thank you...

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ER's don't tend to be as conducive to precepting students (which is unfortunate since they're actually ideal), but even if you're not able to get an "optimal" experience you should still have direct access to the chart, should be doing your own charting, and should be taking patients by the end of your preceptorship with your preceptor essentially shadowing you.

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