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Northwest FL State College Spring 2021


I applied to Northwest Florida State College and just finished my application process for the Spring semester 2021. Anyone else applying? :) I'm hoping my points are enough.

Hey, I applied too! I just got an email Friday saying we should hear back Next Monday (10/05) if we got in!! I don’t know anyone else who applied so it’s nice to see at least one now! Good luck❤️

Really?? That is amazing. I am not always able to check my account because it doesn't seem to load on my cell. I'll have to check mine later. What were your points, if you don't mind me asking? 

The video we had to watch said they would let ppl know by Nov 7, so im surprised it's early. 

Are you applying for RN or LPN-RN Bridge? :)

...also, I noticed my points are calculated, but they did not add the video points yet.

I got an average of 90 on my HESI test but I got a 90 overall for my points, after looking at a different thread and everyone keeps saying they are in the 110s or 120s.. what about you? 

Just regular RN wbu? 

I'm applying for the bridge program,  so fingers crossed! My points are 107, without the video points added. My friend was accepted last year with a total of 95 points though!  Thanks again for your response! Otherwise, I might not have known to be looking out October 5th! 

Do you mind me asking what your HESI scores were? 

There’s another thread and a few people said their scores were in the 120s 🙂 so basically 95s on each section on their HESI 

Are those current threads?

I took it twice and had high 90s in each category, except reading, I got an 88 there. I used the generic facebook page for HESI A2 studying. 

Yay that’s awesome!! They are current! It’s under northwest Florida Spring 2021 I believe, I looked up northwest Florida 

Any word yet? 

I'm not sure if we are supposed to hear in the email or not. 

I haven’t got anything yet!