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I've been accepted to Northeastern and Boston College and am looking for experienced CRNAs advice on which to choose, especially if you've attended either one.

Boston College:

Pros: starts January 2011

26 months long

front loaded

clinical sites closer to where I live but they move you around from site to site a lot

Cons: No DNP program, only PhD


Pros: DNP classes rolled into CRNA program

only takes one year after CRNA to get DNP, which is online with two Saturday classes/month on campus

been around for 50 years

Cons: starts Sept 2011 (but can start taking classes while working now)

32 months long, which they claim makes it so that you can work (not sure if I'd rather just get it over with)

many clinical sites are further away (only one is within 30 minutes or so)

NEU keeps you at one clinical site but moves you around between the specialties, BC moves your clinical site, I'd love to hear perspectives of pros and cons of both. BC is closely affiliated with AAM. Any thoughts?

Price is fairly similar. I would like to get a DNP eventually for a few reasons. 1. I enjoy EBP and research but also clinical 2. I've always thought I might want my doctorate, but not just to be in academia 3. it seems to be the way the industry is going and I'd like to stay competitive even though I'll likely be grandfathered in.

Many thanks for any and all input--

Hi RRitter.RN,

Did you interview at NEU on 10-18?

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