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Northeastern University Direct Entry Program 2017

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to see if anyone is applying to NEU's Direct Entry Program for this upcoming fall. I'm in the process of applying, with a specialty in psychiatric. Just wanted to see if there was anyone else that is also interested in their program.

If so, how has your experience been so far with the application?

Furthermore, if there's anyone already in the program? How was your application process, what specialty did you choose and how do you like the program so far?

I wish us all luck! Hope to hear from you all.

Hi! i am also applying for Pediatric Primary Care. I started the application last week and I still need to work on the essay.

We're both in the same position, I only have the personal statement left until I submit the application.

I'm pretty excited about their program. Have you been to the school yet?

Hope you get through with your essay. It's taking me longer than expected because there isn't a set guideline on how they want it written. (ex: word count, pages)

Good luck! I have just been working on it here and there because I am still in my undergrad so busy with classes and such. But I have never seen the school! Where else are you applying?

I haven't been to the school either or Boston. Aside from Northeastern, I'm applying to University of San Francisco, University of South Alabama, Rush University and University of Illinois at Chicago.

What other programs are you looking into?

It is so nice in Boston, I have been there once! But I applied to Drexel, UPenn and Emory so far. I was accepted so far to Emory and Drexel.

Omg! Congrats! It's always great to have options lined up just in case. Emory is a good school but they didn't have psych nursing. I missed the deadline for UPenn. I've met a lot of people from Boston and I've only heard good things so far.

Hey guys, I too am applying to NEU's Direct Entry Program. I'm so confused about transcripts. The application says to arrange to mail in official transcripts, but in their Graduate Programs FAQ it says that they accept scanned versions of official transcripts uploaded to the application. I'm about to do both just to be on the safe side. What did you guys do?

Hey! I actually spoke to the director and I asked her the same question. You can order your official transcripts from your schools, scan and upload it into the application. She told me after you get accepted into the program, they'll request to send an official transcript straight to the school.

I did both, but after making contact with the Director she told me that they would prefer that it is scanned into the application.

Hi guys. Do you know when we would find out decisions regarding our status?

Hello, I was told it could take up to 8 weeks after the application deadline. So i'm thinking February or March.

Hi all! Did anyone else get an email about a phone interview? I just scheduled it for tomorrow morning and I couldn't be more nervous!

Omg congratulations! I'm sure you'll do good. I haven't heard anything yet lol im anxiously waiting.

Which one of the specialties did you choose?

Thank you! The interviewer was extremely sweet and it went better than I imagined lol I chose the psych specialty as well. I hope you hear soon!

I also had my phone interview today, the interviewer for psych is fantastic. Since she is in the graduate portion of the program, she is not technically on the admissions board for Direct- Entry, but she is able to give the board recommendations about who she speaks to and her thoughts on a candidate's qualifications and fit for the program. I do wonder if there is an in person interview required as well?! Metanoia21, don't worry if you haven't received anything about a phone interview yet, past threads have said that interviews are staggered. Also, past threads that I have read have said some people who are accepted do not need an interview!

Good luck everyone!

Thanks you guys for the encouraging words! I received an email saying that that my application was complete and that I'll receive another email when a decision has been made. I didn't submit my application until the day before the deadline so I assumed it would probably take time before they got to mines.

I wish you all luck and ill keep you guys updated!

Hi all, I had an in person interview last Tuesday for psych and it went well! She said to expect a decision sometime in January

I applied for neonatal speciality. I received that email as well about my application being complete. Haven't heard anything about interviewing yet. I submitted my application by a few days before the deadline, but for some reason they didn't receive a transcript 2 weeks after the deadline so maybe that's what the delay isn. Good luck to everyone!


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