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Since there's already a Boston College thread, I thought I'd start one for Northeastern University. The application deadline was Aug 1. Has anyone heard back about interviews or any other information?

Hey there, I heard about interviews about a month ago and just had mine today.

I had my interview yesterday as well, I felt it was hard to get a good feel for the program. How do you think your interview went?

Yeah I agree. They were hard to read. Many of the students go to the hospital I work at and have nothing but good things to say about it.

I had my interview on August 22nd and they said we would hear back around October/November.

Hey guys so i have heard interview is little mix of clinical and get to know you? Were your interviews panel? I have an interview next week!

Yeah they expect you to know how your meds work and whatnot. They were very friendly I felt.

Does anyone know when we'll find out if we got in or not? The application deadline was extended to end of October so I'm wondering if that pushes back decisions...

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