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Northeastern Accelerated

by MiaVier4 MiaVier4 (New) New

Hi Everyone!

I recently applied to NEU's accelerated program. I was wondering if anyone in the program currently had any insight or if anyone is in the same waiting game I am in?



I applied for Fall 2015 admission and am still waiting to hear back...

Does anyone know how long the waiting process usually take? I submitted my application a few weeks ago and still have not heard anything yet?

I spoke with my admissions counselor earlier this week and she said there are 30 applications in committee and it usually takes 10 days to get a response but they are still looking at applications for summer. I hate the wait!

Really for the summer... this late? Do you know know the size of the applicant pool and how many seats are available in each cohort?

I know, the deadline is in April for summer so hopefully they're done soon! I was told there are 72 seats- 26 have been accepted and then those 30 in committee waiting to be reviewed. I was told 2 weeks ago when I submitted that it should be a month to hear so hopefully just another couple of weeks at most!

I see. Thanks for the info. I think it's kind of crazy to have to wait that long... especially for those that I have to make a deposit ASAP. NEU is my top choice, and I am a bit concern that before I heard back from NEU, I would have already made my deposit for another school... Where else did you apply to, if you do not mind sharing?

I agree. I am only applying to NEU for fall, if I don't get accepted then I will be applying to MGH for the January cohort (as they do not have a start for fall)

Wow, best of luck to you. Hopefully, you will hear great news! Which program do you think is better among the three NEU, MGH, and MCPHS, if you happen to know? I am not too familiar with the schools in MA, and the reason why I applied is due the elite hospitals that surrounds Boston–job opportunities. :D

Thanks! Same goes for you! I have a friend in NEU now and she likes it but says there is a lot of disorganization i.e. the course material isn't reflected on tests, some professors will rarely email you back, and there is a lot to work on still as it is a relatively new program. She said she is happy in the program overall. I work in a hospital with a few nurses who graduated from MCPHS and they said it was really hard (as expected) but they are all truly amazing nurses and some of my favorites who I work with. And for MGH I've heard mixed reviews, some people love it and others say it's similar to the disorganization of NEU, so I'm not really sure.

Have you heard anything yet?

No have not. My admission counselor told me that I won't be hearing back until May... Did you hear back yet? Hopefully it is good news!

Nope I'm with you.. I was told a month about a month ago so I feel like at this rate I'll be hearing with you in May.. when did you submit your application?

I submitted my application in mid-March, but my application was actually handed to the review committee last week. And so I do not think I will be hearing back until early May, since they are still reviewing the summer applicants.


Sorry for some reason this site won't let me PM you back.. but yes I heard back last Monday and I have been accepted! It looks like they're done with the summer applicants so they're making through fall ones now. Have you heard?!

Congratulation! I was also shocked that they went through the summer applications that fast. I was told that I will not received new untils early May, but I got my notification last Thursday. They said 'Yes," which made my weekend! Are you thinking about going or do you have other options. What's bugging me about this program is that the learning is online... and I feel like this may be a problem for me.

Awesome! Congrats to you!! I put my deposit in online a few days ago.. I'm still waiting to receive the official letter in the mail, however. This was the only one I applied to for fall, and I really just want to get this done and start working. Do you think you'll attend? Where else did you apply?

Wow! I am hesitant. I got accepted to other places such as MCPHS, Villanova (PA), and Duquesne (PA), but I am not sure which to choose. I tried to ask for an extension for my deposit deadline but NEU was not willing to. So basically I have to decide by the end of this week. So hard...