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Has anyone attended North shore community college? How did you like it? I am looking into the LPN or RN program and was wondering what kind of GPA or prerequisites others had that got accepted. And also where you clinicals are?

thank you.


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Hi I went to NSCC graduated with an associates RN in 2006, I liked the school alot, most of the instructors were great. We did our rotations at union, salem, beverly. Psych i did at tewksbury state. My suggestion is to do all the non nursing classes prior to starting the program , all your a&p's microbiology etc. Its almost impossible to do it all without doing that. Another suggestion, I know u dont know what this is yet, but when taking a test, and u cant decide between two answers, always apply the nursing process or maslows heirachy of needs to it, it usually helps. Anyway good luck. Pam


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I've taken all my prerequisites at NSCC. Some teachers are better than others, but you sure can't beat the price!


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Ya I am already in the practical nursing program and will be graduating in June! I love it.PamC thanks for the insight as i will be doing the RN program sometime in the next few years.

pam i am going to NSCC this may. What was the orientation like. Thanks


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i have a bs in sociology and want to become a cnm.

i first need my rn--and i have applied to nscc for fall 2012

what was the course load like in the first semester--in particular the schedule? i have 2 young children and am trying to plan for daycare for fall 2012.

i have already taken composition 1&2/ psychology/chemistry/sociology/microbiology.

does that mean i take less credits the 1st semester?

what was your experience like the first year? what were the hours you spent in clinicals/lectures?

thank you so much for any info!

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