LPN Refresher Course??

  1. I'm needing to find a LPN Refresher course. I have graduated the LPN course in East Grand Forks, MN. My graduation was 5 years ago. Only problem, due to unforseen circumstances I was never able to take my NCLEX and get licensed. I would very much like the chance to take the NCLEX and pass. In calling the NDBON, I found out there is no time limit on taking the test any longer. I'm going to need to take a refresher course and i'm not able to find any. Please help. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have.
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  3. by   Little Panda RN
    I see no one has been able to help you with your question. I googled LPN refresher course for north dakota and came up with this link http://www.ndna.org/refreshercourse.aspx. I hope this helps you. From what I read it is pretty expensive but they do take credit cards. It states that it is approved by NDBON. Good luck!
  4. by   makingplans
    I am an LPN of many years but left the field to pursue other career opportunities. I have kept my license active. My most recent experience is as a Wellness Nurse in an Assisted Living facility more than three years ago. I need to refresh my skills before re-entering the nursing field - would prefer to work in Med/Surg or possibly LTC. Does anyone know of any online courses to refresh skills; both clinical and nursing practice. I live in the Richmond, VA area and would like to attend a class but haven't had any luck finding one. An online course is fine also as long as it has video support....

    I know hospitals will offer orientation but it is not easy re-entering with so many holes in years of experience. Lots of management experience in other arenas but, lacking in recent nursing experience. I don't want to give up on being an LPN and need to get back into to decide whether I want to purse an RN or move onto a different career entirely.
    Would appreciate your input.