Lots of jobs in Minot?

  1. I keep seeing an ad in the nursing magazine for Minot. It says there is a bonus/moving package. RN's-$15,000 and
    LPN's/CNAs $7,500 packages. I am just curious if it is true that there are lots of nursing jobs in Minot? Thanks
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  3. by   mitenz
    Blackcat99 - Yes, there seems to be alot of nursing jobs available in Minot and the surrounding area. It is due to the oil boom happening in the west side of the state that has brought an influx of people to that part of the state. I would recommend checking out available housing options before considering it as prices have increased considerably since there seems to be a lack of housing due to all the oil field workers. Hope that helps!
  4. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks mitenz. Lack of housing can be a big problem. So it sounds like Minot might be better suited to someone who doesn't mind driving a lot and living out of town? Is Minot pet friendly in regards to renting an apartment? I have sometimes seen that when there is a lack of housing that all the apartments say "No pets."
  5. by   mitenz
    I haven't seen alot of apartments for rent that allow pets. At this point because housing is hard to get, they can get away with anything they want. You may want to look at house rentals instead as you may be able to cut a deal with the owner by paying a pet deposit or a little more on the monthly rent. Beforfe the oil boom rent for a 3 bedroom house was around $600...I have no idea what the rent is these days with the oil boom in full swing. I would bring up the Minot Daily news or internet search "apartment/houses for rent" in Minot and see what availability is. I have heard it is hard to find housing from Minot (and the surrounding area) all the way to the ND/Montana border. Maybe talk to the nursing jobs that are available in Minot and ask them what available housing looks like.....they may be able to help =) Good luck!