Fargo - Sanford or Prairie St. John's?

  1. Hello, dear North Dakotan nurses!

    What's your opinion on these hospitals?

    I got offers from both hospitals for the same amount of pay, both full-time. I'd be on the observation unit in Sanford, and psych in Prairie St. John's.

    I wish I could do both somehow, to keep my nursing knowledge broad!

    I know I have had an interest in working for psych for a few years now, and I'm dying to try it out, but being a new grad.... I'm afraid if there is a chance I don't like psych, and want to move on to something like med-surg, hospitals won't be willing to take me in because I have not yet honed in on my nursing skills (IVs, caths, NGs, etc.). But I do know that psych nursing would give me excellent skills in things such as leadership and assessment.

    I'm wondering if I should take the full-time job at the observation unit and find a part time job in psych after I get settled down into my first job, or should I should I do it the other way around - start with full-time psych first, then pick up the part-time in observation to "try it out"?

    I am so confused. Good thing both hospitals are somewhat close. I know if I have two jobs, I will have no life.

    I am going to be sad to have to decline one of these job offers.
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