What school in Raleigh did you attend? HELP!!

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am new just moved from Georgia to Raleigh NC Triangle area I want to finish my nursing degree but don't know where to begin. I was working towards my associates degree in Georgia and have finished all my prerequisites but two. What is a good program/ school here in Raleigh with the two year program? I just need a starting point and I could go from there! Many blessings to all and thanks for any suggestions I'm excited to get back on track to following my dreams
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  3. by   ShakeItOff0515
    Within Wake Co. there is Wake Tech which offers an ADN. Nursing - Wake Technical Community College

    However, there are other options in nearby counties such as UNC (BSN) in Chapel Hill, NCCU (BSN) in Durham, Durham Tech (ADN) in Durham, Vance-Granville CC (ADN) in Henderson.

  4. by   SDALPN
    I went to Vance Granville and was very happy. However, you may want to talk with each school to see what their requirements are. You can minimize the number of classes you take by talking to the schools. Some schools admit students by a points system and other schools are wait list only. The pre-reqs vary and some schools will take credits from other schools and other schools will make you take the classes again. Some even have a time limit on how long it's been since you took a class.