What is it like to work for Novant- Forsyth/Presbyterian Hospitals?

  1. Hi,
    I am considering a move to the NC area into the nurse residency programs of either hospital (if accepted that is) and wondered if anyone could tell me more about them, the area and any words of wisdom.......it would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   gigi01
    Becky did you apply for the residency program? I did too but i haven't heard anything from Presby saying they received my application
  4. by   Becky8
    I had received a phone message that they would be deciding on interviews by mid March. You could call if you want to confirm receipt. The recruiter's name was on the web site. I seem to remember there was email confirmation of receipt of the on line application too. Nothiing else though. I wish us both luck!
  5. by   gigi01
    Thanks Becky, did you have to send in reference forms, resumes and stuff like that? I think i'll call them tomorrow
  6. by   Becky8
    Hi gigi,
    Here is the web site with the information. The deadline is March 1. http://www.presbyterian.org/site/job...p_program.html
    They have clinical reference forms to be sent in. Good luck!