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  1. Hello fellow nursing students, or students to be...

    I have started taking my pre-reqs for the ADN program at WTCC. Beings that I am a 30 year old mama that needs to plan her time wisely, I was wondering if any of you would be so kind and explain what your days consist of while in the nursing program.

    - How many days per week are you in school and what are the hours like? (Example, M-Th 8-3)
    - When you are not in school, how much are you studying?

    Thank you for any answers I may receive. Also, if there is other moms that are in the program, or have gone thru the program, how did you manage your time?

    Thanks Again!
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    Bumped to add, any community college experience will do.
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    And I'm keeping you bumped, because I am also a 30something mom and this is a school I'm considering So hello to you
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    Hey Girl! Nice to meet ya! I'm transitioning from the mothering forum to here. Too funny...
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    Another 30 year old Mom here who might be attending this school. Surely SOMEONE can do this for us!
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    Congratulations on getting into the program! I just graduated from WTCC this May. The first semester requires the most time commitment as far as class, labs, clinicals, and studying. I believe it's M-F from 8-12. Some days will be for lab, some for clinical, but most of the first semester is lecture time. As the program continues, you spend fewer days on campus (usually one day off), but it really depends on the individual class. When you register for the class, Web Advisor gives you a general layout of class time, but don't schedule anything super important until you go to class the first day and get the actual schedule.
    I hope this helps!
    I hope you have a great time in the program! You're going to learn a lot, be super stressed, laugh, cry, and make a ton of new friends. PM me if you need any help! Good luck!
    - Jenn
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