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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm Kayla, I am planning on applying for the the Fall 2018 Start at Wake Tech. I had so many questions as there seemed to be a lack of info easily accessible on their website. I finally got some answers after doing the info session but of course I still have more. Hopefully some of you are able to help!

    I see that beginning Spring 2018 they will no longer be doubling points for PSY 150/PSY 241/SOC 210. So that brings the point maximum to 168 rather than the 210 for previous semesters. (Feel free to check my math) Now with that in mind that obviously means the point spread for acceptance will be lower. I called and asked someone in the nursing department what that would mean for the admission point spread and he really wasn't able to give me an answer (go figure).

    Anyway! I just want to know if anyone else has already gotten some answers regarding the point spread and any other input anyone would like to add.

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   shannon1317
    Hi Kayla! I am also applying for fall 2018. I have not spoken to anyone about the change in points, but I figured I would go ahead and join this discussion since I am sure it will be more active the closer it gets to application time. I am a bit concerned about getting in now that they have switched this since I have B's in both anatomy courses and microbiology, but I am hoping for the best!
  4. by   suebeecron
    I, too, am applying for the fall semester at Wake Tech. I agree with you that there could be a LOT more information on the website and it takes a lot of asking and digging to get the whole picture.

    I've been attending since January 2016 and had two classes from NCSU that I was able to transfer. I am currently taking BIO 175 and PSY 241 and they are the last prerequisites I need prior to core nursing classes. (I also have another thread going on this topic. I'm not sure how to tell you to search for it on this forum -- maybe click on my user name? There are a couple of notes from folks on the points front that you might find helpful.)

    Under the previous points structure, 160 points was considered "competitive." I was told by an advisor that they can't really answer what would be competitive now until the first round of applicants goes through the process so I guess that makes sense. Under the old structure, I would have had 154 points and with the new one, I have 136 that I'm applying with now. I have A's in everything except sociology (which I took at NCSU a LONG time ago).

    I had a BIO 169 classmate in the fall who was an alternate and she had 166 points! She did not find out until the first week of December that she got into the program and she told me that some other alternates with points in the 145 to 150 range also found out in December that they got in. I'd only be speculating as to why they found out so late.