UNC Chapelhill's RN-BSN Online Program

  1. I just sent my unoffical transcripts to the college. They accept people twice a year. Does anyone know if they have strict criteria for getting in? I know I have to take Micro and Statistics and plan on taking at least one in the fall. If anyone knows anything about program please post here or PM me.
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  3. by   Born2bRN
    NC Girl RN,

    I have also sent my unofficial transcripts to be reviewed by UNC-CH. I have heard that the program is difficult to get into, but what program isn't.

    Go to NCBON.COM to take a look at different RN-BSN programs in the state, just so you can see the different options that you may have. I hope that helps.

  4. by   NC Girl BSN
    Do you live in the Raleigh Area?
    Well I work at Wakemed and just found out that Winston-Salem State RN-BSN has a satellite program that meets at Wake Med Raleigh and Cary on Tues or Wednesday from 5-9pm for a whole year and you can get your BSN this way. There are no online classes just someone that comes to the classroom at the hopsitals. They have this program at 8-10 other places. They offer this program at my facility every May and at others in January. WSSU is my Alma Marta and I graduated from there in 1996 so I had no clue that they did this. Also What I like is that Wakemed pays for the program and it cost less that $2500. Just another option.Also from what I understand, you don't have to work at these hospitals to attend. There are people that work at Rex Hospital that come to Wake Med for these classes. Good Luck!

    Site Class Day Entry Date
     Forsyth MC Wednesday January Each Year
     South Piedmont CC Tuesday January Each Year
     1st Moore Regional Hospital Monday January Each Year
     High Point Memorial Hospital Monday January Each Year
     Randolph Hosp. Tuesday January Each Year
     Rockingham CC Tuesday January Each Year
     Salisbury-RCCC Tuesday January Each Year
     Lexington-DCCC Thursday May Each Year
     Salisbury-VAMC Thursday May Each Year
     Surry CC Monday May Each Year
     Wilkes CC Friday May Each Year
     Wake Medical Ctr. Tuesday May Each Year
     Cleveland CC Thursday May Each Year
     Hickory Metro Wednesday May Each Year
     NC Baptist Hospital Tuesday May Each Year

  5. by   Born2bRN
    WOW!!! That's awesome. I actually live in Burlington. I used to work at Duke for about 7 months. I wouldn't mind driving to attend these classes. How does the program work? Only 4 hours a week for a year?

    If you get anymore information on the program, let me know. I would like to view that as an option.. Thank you for the information.. Keep in touch.

  6. by   paulie23
    i sent in my transcripts weeks ago, like 8 or 9, and got a letter saying it would be 3-4 weeks till they reviewed my stuff but i have yet to hear anything.