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Hi all: I am awaiting word from UNC Chapel Hill's 24 month BSN option as to whether I will be accepted, waitlisted or...:angryfire rejected. Has anyone ever applied to the program? How... Read More

  1. by   Spoiled1
    Just wanted to add to your posts....I hope you get into the 24 month program at UNC-CH, but just in case you don't, they have a RN-BSN program that is far less competitive! If you have all of your pre-req's done then you basically get a spot. They only have about 30 applicants who apply and they usually accept them all. When I talked to Anna Terry she told me that so far, they haven't had to turn anyone away--but that could change if they get more and more applicants. So far the only way people don't get accepted to the RN-BSN program is because they still have pre-req's to take.

    Make sure you have a plan B lined up (ADN program), and that way you can do the RN-BSN program. I am planning to do that program myself when I graduate with my ADN. The entire program is online, and it can be done part time or full time. Just something else to consider if you are interested....Best of luck!
  2. by   ssanders80
    Thanks! I appreicate this info. I've applied to Cabarrus College of Health Sciences (and you actually just gave me some info about it). So hopefully I'm accepted into one or both programs, then I can decide. That's good info to know about the RN-BSN program at Carolina. I do know I defintely want to work for UNC Healthcare after I finish my degree and Carolina would be the way to go to get a BSN if I want to work there.
  3. by   Spoiled1
    Or after you get your ADN and go to work for UNC Healthcare they can PAY for you to get your BSN there....:spin:
  4. by   ssanders80
    I know! I read about that and thought how awesome that was!
  5. by   WantAccel.BSN
    I am applying to the 14 mth. program and was wondering about a couple of things:
    1. What have they said will make your application competitive? (besides grades)
    2. What is the deal about working at UNC and getting paid to go to school? How do you get this information?

    I'm worried, because I was in law school at UNC and dropped out after a year because I hated it so much. I want them to know that this is really what I want, and I'm not a quitter.

    Thanks for the help!
  6. by   ssanders80
    Hi There:

    From what I was told, they not only look at your grades, but your app as a whole. If your grades aren't up to par, your application could add or take away from your application. They esp. pay attention to grades in the sciences, A&P, micro, stats, psychology, and I know I'm missing a course.

    I haven't heard anything about working at UNC getting paid to go to school, I'm sure they have a program, but you find out about this, I believe, at orientation if you are accepted. I think there is an old post somewhere that explains that.

    In order to explain the experience w/ law school, I would advise you to complete the optional essay where you can explain why you've dropped classes, had bad grades/GPA, dropped out of UNC or other nursing programs and explain why you dropped out of that program. That way, all your bases will be covered. If you've already applied and are waiting to hear if you'll be accepted, ask if you can send an addendum explaining the law school experience.

    I hope this helps!