UNC BSN program

  1. I am looking to find out what grades got everyone into or denied to UNC's BSN program.
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  3. by   Barron.ke
    I forgot to specify pre-requisite grades in A&P, Micro, Statistics and Psychology. Thanks!
  4. by   Skyride
    Did you apply to the ABSN program? BSN applicants are notified in March I think.
  5. by   Barron.ke
    Haven't applied to either yet. Finishing up Anatomy now which I am doing very well in and made an A in Microbiology and Psychology but just got my first horrible grade in statistics on a test so I'm worried about that a little.
  6. by   Skyride
    There are several factors like GPA, community service and personal essays which the admissions committee considers. Try your best in stats and don't stress too much about it! I feel like as long as your GPA is above a certain point they set each year, you'll be considered for a seat along with everyone else in the same pool.
  7. by   Barron.ke
    That's the thing I haven't done a whole lot of community service in a while since my last time in college, the only volunteer service I have right now is at my church in the church nursery. I'm going to the information session next month since the last time I went was years ago. I was going to then find out the amount of community service is considered favorable.
  8. by   cje1015
    I just applied. 3.8 gpa, Third degree student with 2 bachelors and no medical/ volunteer experience...
  9. by   Barron.ke
    3.8 gpa undergrad or pre-reqs? I just hear most schools are big on volunteer experience.
  10. by   Parries6
    Hey Barron.ke, I just received my acceptance letter from UNC's SON BSN program on March 5th (online decision has not been updated yet). I'm a transfer student from a community college. I made an A in all of my science courses (Chem 1&2, A&P 1&2, stats etc.), except psychology, which I made a B in. I'm still in Microbiology, but it looks like I'm going to make a B in that too (I'm taking 22 hours, so it's hard to make great grades in everything). My GPA is 3.912. I have a ton of volunteer experience, and I feel like that contributed tremendously to my acceptance.
  11. by   Skyride
    I got my acceptance letter today. I had a 4.0 science GPA for 7 out of the 8 pre-req courses (Chem 1/2, Bio 1, Microbio, Anatomy, Stats, Gen. Psych), and taking Physiology this semester. My overall GPA was a 3.83. I had a lot of volunteer experience too, but was worried a bit about my essays. I kind of rushed them and didn't feel like my writing style was that strong. It all worked out in the end though, really happy right about now
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  12. by   Parries6
    Congrats!! I was worried about my essays too! I pushed them to the last minute because that's my weakest area. I had multiple people read them, but I was still nervous. Are you a first degree student?
  13. by   Skyride
    Congrats to you also! Yeah, I'm a first degree student. Now I just need to get the courses I'm taking this semester on track..it's been a bit of a struggle especially with intermediate French. So excited though!!
  14. by   Parries6
    Wow, we're so similar! I'm in the same boat with courses, I've been so occupied with hosting a 5K and volunteering at other facilities that I'm getting behind in school. I'm in intermediate Spanish...no comment. LOL It's not horrible, just hard. I couldn't even imagine French! I'm excited too! Good luck with your courses!