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  1. hey all,

    I just graduated from ECU with a degree in Health Information Management and now I am interested in Carolinas accelerated BSN program and their 2 year program. You can only apply to one at a time though and Im wondering if I have what it takes to be accelted into the Accelerated program. I graduated ECU with a cum GPA of 3.37 with mostly B's in my science classes (a couple A's and one C as well). It says they also look at community service and I had some but I worked full time in college so I dont have a lot. Just wondering if anyone who has any experience with this program can tell me if I at least have a fighting change of getting in!!

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  3. by   cns48
    I am in my second/senior year of UNC-Chapel Hill's 24-month program. I also have a degree in another field. I considered applying for the Accelerated Program, but I am glad that I decided to stay with the 24-month program. Any program in nursing will be strenuous, but the Accelerated program is really tough. However, many people have gotten through it.

    For me, I needed a program where I could have a little more time and it is still tough. I had a 3.4 from my previous degree, but I did very well in all of my pre-requisite courses. I know people who had lower and higher GPAs. They truly look at the entire package. My class is a mix of traditional and second-degree students.

    Due to the fact that interest in nursing programs in at an all time high, I would highly suggest that you apply to multiple schools. Overall, I am very satisfied with my program although it is very challenging. Send me a private message if you want more information.