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  1. by   skeewee1990
    I spoke with an counselor and he said that the 1st year we will do clinicals at CMC-Union, Stanly Memorial Hospital and a nursing home in Albemarle. The 2nd year clinicals are at CMC-Union and CMC-NE in Concord. He also said that once he gets a list of all of the persons accepted into the program for this fall, he will send out a letter to let us know when to come in for drug testing, etc. I'm ready for them to give us more info. I just want to have an idea of what my schedule will be like this fall. Oh yeah...and the classes are taught at the same time at both you can choose which campus to attend. Not sure about the online part. I know that I will definitely have to be in a classroom somewhere sitting in front of a live body....
  2. by   RT21
    Thanks for the info!! I'm ready to get my class schedule as well, so I'll know how to plan my life! LOL