Raleigh area highering New grad RN's???

  1. Hi! I am a new grad RN in Ohio looking to locate to the Raleigh area.Im willing to be anywhere within half and hour or 45 mins from Raleigh..I've searched a ton online but many sites don't give info on hiring for new grads (ex. Rex states previous experience preferred...) If anyone hasany inside info on hospitals in the area willing to hire new grads I would really appreciate any information. I see a lot of hospital have positions for experienced nurses but didn't know if they hire new grads..especially one from out of state. I will even do a LTC facility if I have to.. Thanks!!
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  3. by   chare
    the university of north carolina is currently accepting applications for new graduate nurses with a planned hire date september - october. from the careers at unc health care site search new grad rn / senior student.

    while there are not new graduate positions listed on the duke nursing - opportunities for a lifetime site, some position only state that experience is "preferred."

    durham regional also offers the gems - graduate: engaged, mastering, succeeding. you might try contacting someone in nurse recruitment at durham regional with specific questions.

    again, while there are no new graduate positions currently posted on the wake med - apply here and view open positions site, there might be positions that would accept a new graduate.

    i would suggest frequently rechecking both the duke and wake med web sites for postings for new graduate positions.
  4. by   tana_sou
    I'm also from Ohio moving to NC in the next month. I've been job searching around the Raleigh and Durham area for awhile now and it's sad to say but it appears that new grad positions are very limited just like here in Ohio. Like Chare said UNC currently has a new grad posting up on their career page. I know Duke recently had one posted up but it is no longer listed, Rex which I think is also part of UNC is going to have new grad positions starting in Feb 2012 but no postings until fall.
    But if I find any place in the Raleigh area that are accepting new grads I'll try to keep you update, hope you can do the same. Also good luck on the career search and moving process!
  5. by   Concrete Girl,RN
    Thanks..I will definately do the same!
  6. by   tana_sou
    I was wondering if you ended up applying for either Duke or UNC new grad program for this fall. If so did you hear anything back from them? I guess both hospitals have already started calling people back, I myself have not heard anything back yet.