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  1. Hi Everybody,

    I am applying to Durham Tech for Fall 2011 and was wondering if anyone has applied and how many points you had when you were accepted? Thanks!
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  4. by   petemoon
    Hi Tarheel87,

    Your question can't actually be answered right now because the group of students who will be granted seats in the Nursing Courses starting this coming Fall (2011) will be the first group seated using the new "points system." That is, the most recent group to have started, (Fall 2010) were seated based on the old waiting list system. So, the answer to your question will first become available some time in mid- to late- August, 2011.

    My personal guess is that everyone who will be seated will have had all 50 points. Maybe there'll be a few with 45 because they don't live in Durham, but I suspect it will come down to the tie-breaker of application dates in many cases.

    My DTCC current official status is "Admitted to 'Pre-Nursing' status" (as I suspect yours is). I've actually just made the decision to instead pursue the 2-year AA (with Nursing Study Track) and then transfer to Carolina if they'll have me or Central if they won't. The earliest I could possibly be seated in the DTCC ADN Nursing Courses would be Fall 2013. This would mean graduating with an ADN in Spring 2015. It's equally possible that I could graduate from either University with a BSN in the Spring of 2015, so that's why I've changed my plan.

    I'm in connectmail if you want to talk: Mooney, Peter
  5. by   Tarheelborn
    Thanks petemoon, I was not aware that this was the first year using the points system. I actually just received a letter from Durham Tech requesting proof of residency. Apparently some applicants falsified their county of residence in order to receive more points on their application. Guess that means the wait will be a little longer than expected...
  6. by   stefanyjoy
    Pete, you really think all 50 points? I foresee an A in A&P I right now, but I'm a little nervous about making the A in A&P II. I'm taking it over the 8 week summer session. *gulp*. I'm a Fall 2012 hopeful.

    Tarheel, what you said doesn't surprise me at all. I'm surprised they didn't request proof of residency with the original application. Just out of curiosity, what does it say is an acceptable document? Drivers license OK, or do they want a copy of a lease/mortgage?
  7. by   Tarheelborn
    They said that a copy of a drivers license, a paystub, or a utility bill were acceptable items...
  8. by   smokeyjoe1174
    I applied to DTCC...any news for anyone yet??
  9. by   Tarheelborn
    not yet...I'm sure we will hear something very soon though!
  10. by   smokeyjoe1174
    I got in, with 41 points, I believe. I got a B in 169 and I am a Wake county resident (so no extra points for residency.)
  11. by   stefanyjoy
    That's so great Smokey! I'll have 47 when I apply so I'm feeling much better about getting in for Fall 2012. I'm doing 169 this fall & patho/cna course in the spring. Best of luck to you!
  12. by   Laila34
    Hi! I applied to the LPN program at Durham tech. I was awarded 33 points (all B's) for prerequisites but can't get the extra 5 points for residency. What do you think my chances are of gettin in?