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I will be graduating in a week, and have a position lined up here in upstate NY. We are considering a move to Asheville/Hendersonville, but that won't happen for at least a year. I was wondering... Read More

  1. by   JLD930
    Also looking to relocate to the Asheville/Hendersonville area. I am an LPN and finally gotten one year of experience working with Alzheimers/Dementia patients. This is my passion. Anyone know of/could possibly recommend a facility which serves this population? Thank You! ANY information would be truly appreciated!
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    Quote from Lady Shmoe
    Hello from Asheville and congratulations on your life changing graduation!

    Asheville is indeed beautiful. We have tons of outdoor activities, museums, historical landmarks, and cultural activities such as Folkmoot and Bele Chere. We also have our share of hippies that beg for money and drive BMWs, tourists, and high costs of living.

    As far as work goes nurses are so much better off than most professionals because we are always needed. That being said, the main hospital in Ashe-vegas is Mission Hospitals and it is in a hiring freeze.
    Not only is Mission in downtown Asheville, but they are associated with several other smaller hospitals in the area.

    On the Saint Joseph campus of Mission Hospitals is a LTACH called Asheville Specialty Hospital. Not sure of their hiring status. They are a joint venture between Mission Hospitals and CarePartners. Here is the site they post jobs on.https://www.carepartners.org/pagedis...=31&subpage=88

    I forgot to ask: What kind of job are you seeking? Hospital? Visiting health position? Doctors office?

    I suggest a healthy introduction to Medical-Surgical nursing.

    Anyway. There is Haywood Regional, which just got purchased by a big health system. (Purchased? Merged? Adopted? Whatever!) Haywood had been in some trouble with the state but got their rights back.

    CJ Harris Hospital

    Park Ridge

    Pardee Hospital

    The VA Hospital in Asheville

    Let me know what you are looking for specifically and I will toss more names out for you.

    Good luck!
    Aloha Lady Shmoe!

    Was going to start a thread on Asheville, but I found this one and didn't want to go through all 49 or so pages. Was wondering what the market is like now there now compared to 2009. I visited the Mission job site and they do have some openings. Been living in TN and in the ICU for around 3 years. Also wondering what the best way to approach getting a job there. Call and ask to shadow and meet the mgr. or apply. hmmm...Any info would be GREATLY appreciated when u get a chance!
    Many thanks!
  3. by   canesdukegirl
    I worked at Mission as a travel nurse for a year and a half. I LOVED IT!!! The people are incredibly welcoming. Example: my second week there, I came down with the flu. When I called the unit secretary to tell her that I would be out, she immediately asked me for my address and told me that she would be by after her shift with some chicken soup and some Gatorade! That's the kind of people they are. Caring, salt of the earth.

    The hospital itself is gorgeous. Well run. The only caveat to working there is that since it is the only game in town (Mission owns EVERYTHING), they don't pay very well. As a traveler, I made $38/hr. When my contract ended, they offered me a full time position of $23/hr, and that was with management meeting several times in order to come up with more money. I just couldn't do it.

    The cost of living is a bit higher than the surrounding areas because it is considered a resort town. I lived in Asheville itself, and there are plenty of nice places to live, but the cost of housing up there is astronomical. I lived in a rental house (built in the 50s, 3 very small bedrooms, one bathroom, full basement, tiny TINY living room, but nice sized kitchen built on a hill with .5 acres of land) and the owners wanted to sell the house for $300,000! Hendersonville may be a better option for living, and the commute is not far.

    I think that everyone is right about the hiring freeze, but they are hurting for staff now, so I think this will change soon.

    Good luck to you! I hope this was somewhat helpful and gave you an honest view of what to expect. It is a lovely place, with simply breathtaking views. You will always have somewhere nice to go to eat, there are lots of artsy things to do, lots of bands up there as well. It was the most FUN year of my life.