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  1. Need information on Forsyth Hospital in Winston Salem. Please answer. Any information on working conditions would be appreciated. Wage info too. Thanks for your time in answering these questions.
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  3. by   rjflyn
    I worked there for about 4 years. The just recently obtained magnet status and were just looking in to that when I left in July of 2002. They seem to be good to there nurses. Still have alot a friends that still work there. I my self had other career goals - ie flight nurse and the other hospital had the program and it was going to be to long and difficult to get "in".

    Last I knew both hospitals were offering signing bonuses. When I started FMC offered me about $2.00 hr more to start, infact before i move away I tryed for a position at Baptist and would have had to take a pay cut. Rj
  4. by   barefootlady
    I have been really thinking hard about going to Forsyth. The more I find out the more I think it is a good place for me. Magnet status and a decent pay rate are good things. I really appreciate your information. Thanks again.
  5. by   rjflyn
    What department are you thinking about working in? I worked ER and critical care transport .
  6. by   barefootlady
    I am just a basic medical/surgical nurse with ortho, peds, psych, and some tele experience. I do not know what the units are like there. The best job I ever had was one which we got the patients ready for the procedures, did teaching, then did more recovery after they came back from RR. Have losts of pre/post cath experience. Have trial stimulator/pain cath experience. Have ACLS but am not comfortable with straight cardiac. Have some endo experience. Not with the scopes but with sedating patients, recovering patients, teaching and discharge. Have lots of DM experience. Like I said just an all around med/surg nurse. Also can do IV's which I understand is big there in NC. Do not insert PIC lines, have had a course but institution never followed thru with Nurses inserting PIC. Central lines and I have intimate working experience, did one a day for years, or seems like it. Love to get patients in, do pre-op care/teaching, get them back and send them on their way when time to go.