Nursing School - do I have a chance?

  1. I'm looking for advice on applying to nursing school in Charlotte. I have a BA in psychology that is more than 10 years old. I have many pre-req courses, but unfortunately, most of them I have mediocre grades in. My overall GPA was 2.91. I previously worked as an IT project manager for 6 years, but have been a stay at home mom since 2003.

    I'm recently divorced and have been struggling to find a way to get back into the professional world without sacrificing the quality of life I've been able to provide to my young children by being a stay at home mom. I enrolled in an online Medical Transcription program and found that I was much more interested in medicine than I would have ever imagined. I also have been fortunate enough to help take care of my cousin who was injured in a car accident in 07. She is a paraplegic & requires constant care. I am able to help one day a week at this point, and have been so rewarded by being able to help. I feel that I have truly found my calling, but am getting more and more discouraged about my chances of actually getting into nursing school.

    I'm looking at Presbyterian, Mercy, CMC and CPCC. All seem to have different requirements, but I'm starting to weed through them. I will have to take the Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology courses this summer. I have heard (or read) that CCHS (CMC) will guarantee admission based on minimum required grades in pre-req courses...considering taking the courses there if they are offered in the summer term. I will be starting a CNA course next month as well. I'm looking for any advice on the application process. Should I hold off on submitting applications until I get more pre-reqs, should I re-take some of the pre-reqs I already have (most i have a "C" in)? Being older and in a situation where I will have to provide for my children, I feel that I don't have any time to waste. Only wish I had known earlier that this was the direction for me! Thanks in advance!
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    Should I hold off on submitting applications until I get more pre-reqs, should I re-take some of the pre-reqs I already have (most i have a "C" in)?
    First of all I recommend Mercy (I am a graduate). I was in a similar situation as you with a previous degree and "C"s in some of my pre-req courses and a lower college GPA. I went ahead and applied while taking courses over again. Make sure you keep them updated with you courses. Also, go meet with somebody if you can to go over your transcripts with you. The deadlines are so far advance that you might as well apply and then keep taking classes in the meanwhile part time. This is what I did and I got in after being wait listed one time. Mercy is one of the few schools, in my opinion, that actually takes into consideration second degree students. They also allow you to write an essay with your application which many schools do not. They accept applicants 3 times a year for fall, spring and summer so that increases your chances of getting in as well. The instructors there are wonderful, the tuition is reasonable, and you have that small school atmosphere that you can't get everywhere. I started re-taking pre-reqs in 2004, got into Mercy in 2006 and graduated in 2008. I know it seems like a long road but looking back it went by fast! I am currently a new RN and am grateful for the education I received there. Good luck to you and let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Just a little update ... I did talk with PSON admissions and was advised to apply for next spring after taking Anat & Phys, Microbio & nutrition this summer as well as re-taking a couple of classes in the fall (psyc & human growth & dev). I did confirm that CCHS does guaranteed admission into nursing with a 3.25 on the pre-reqs if they're taken at CCHS. All good news - looks like I will have a good chance at spring 2010.
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    You should also apply to CPCC its a really good school (hint hint: I go there) i have a friend who went to mercy its also a good school but i have been tolded its a little harder (but everybody is d/f). If you decide to take pre-reqs at cpcc let me know i know all the good instructors.
    I would recommend re-taking pre-reqs that the college look at: example at CPCC you can pick and choose what you want to use on your application as long as it's a nursing pre-req (micro, a&p, chem, math, etc). I choose all the pre-reqs I got an A in which helped alot. So if you retake some classes try to get A's, its hard but you can do it, just stay focus.
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    Thanks so much for your response. I will be taking pre-reqs at CPCC this summer IF I don't get into CMC/CCHS pre-nursing for the summer term. Any help you can offer on courses/instructors would be a great help. Thanks again & good luck to you as well!
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    First off, you have to start off by believing in yourself and that you can do this...I'm not gonna lie, it's the hardest thing I have ever done. I started out at Mercy School of Nursing and while some people love it, it just wasn't for me. I also was there when they were making some major changes so it could have been due to that. I am graduating May 7th, 2009 from Stanly Community College and absolutely LOVE it!!!! It is hard, but everywhere I have gone I hear the nurses saying that Stanly students are very well prepared! At Stanly, you take something called a TEAS test to gain admission into the program which is what a lot of schools are switching to for fairness. You can study for the test, however it is nothing like what they give you to study! You would probably do very well with your background though! I think everyone would agree on this forum that nursing school is extremely difficult, but you can do it! You have to be dedicated and not a procrastinator! Community College is alot easier on the wallet also! Good luck in whatever you decide! You will do great!!!
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    I went to nursing school when I was 33. Don't let fear hold you back. Nursing school was the hardest thing I have ever done, but I'm still glad that I did it. Believe in yourself because you can do it!
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    I wonder the same thing...whether or not I have a chance and if I should just pursue something else. Nursing is really what I want to do because the field is so versatile in that I'm not confined to working in a hospital or nursing home or doing in home health care. I can travel, work with the military pretty much whatever...the possiblities are endless, which is one of the main reasons I'm attracted to the profession. I'm just discouraged. I know the Lord and I do believe that He will make a way but I'm growing more and more impatient everytime a door is closed in my face. I had everything planned out or at least I thought I did. Maybe they weren't executed to the best of their abilities but I'm tired. Tired of reading more qualified applicants were accepted. Tired of struggling to pay my bills because I couldn't find a job in my field seeing as how my 1st undergrad degree is a joke. So now I'm working as an NA...Love what I do but the job is extremely tiresome. I am borderline depressed because of my current situation and inability to get accepted into a nursing program. Trying to keep my eye on the prize but enough is enough!!!
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    i'm at Queens, which supposed to be the tougher school, but definitely the most expensive. either way, get ALL your prereqs BEFORE ACCEPTING as most will not allow you take other schools classes while attending their nur school. cpcc is cheapest, & you may get some grants ,but not pell if you have a 4 year degree. all schools have different requirements, mercy & queens are more logical than cpcc, as cpcc does'nt rank experience as highly as grades on ap 1, 2 and micro. do NOT take micro @ cpcc; get it elsewhere & transfer it in. all of these schools will fight you on your transcripts & say you will need to take theirs, but be smart & accurate. i actually had to get the head of the dept of my previous school to call to current dept heads to get some of my credits accepted!! all of these schools are excellent, but mercy is a diploma school, cpcc & queens are degree schools. the bottom line always is the nclex, so check all of these for the % passing the nclex the last few years good luck & YES, you can do ti!
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    I got accepted for spring 10' and have a few non nursing classes not completed. For example, nutrition, dev psych, etc. Did you have all of those completed prior to beginning? I'm worried about things transfering in. I guess I won't find out about this until orientation in november. Any thoughts/advice you have on queens would be greatly appreciated! I am going back to college after being finished with my undergrad 5 years. Some times I am scared and overwhelmed, but exctied as well!
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    Wow...haven't posted since May...Anyway, an update:

    I've been accepted for this upcoming Fall semester at Guilford Tech. We start classes on the 17th. I'm both excited and nervous.

    You are not required to have your pre-req's completed before being accepted into a nursing program. But at the community college level it makes you more competitive.

    Do not get discouraged if you are put on a wait list at a CC because that's exactly where I was before being accepted. I was #10 on the wait list and a classmate of mine was #29. She did not have all of her sciences completed and was still accepted into the program.

    Congrats to those who have already been accepted and good luck to those of you who have yet to apply!!! undergrad GPA was a 2.88. I got a C in both A&P 1 and 2, an A in both general and developmental psychology, a B in Micro and an A in Chemistry. I have 2 years of experience as a NA and I also took a nutrition class to be more competitive.
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    @slim2007, I am taking ALL my pre-req's at CPCC. Can you recommend instructors for the following classes. I have already signed up for Fall so the names are the instructors that I will be using"
    Fall 2010:
    Spring 2011:
    *A&P I
    Developmental Psychology
    *A&P II
    Fall 2011:
    Abnormal Psychology

    For classes with asterik(*): they will be taking on campus, everything else will be online. I have low gpa now 2.476 and my goal is to make A's in all these classes. I am applying to Mercy, Queens ADN, Cabarrus CHS, Carolinas CHS.
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    Anyone accepted to Stanly CC fall 2012? I haven't received my official letter of acceptance, but did check my admission status online that states I was accepted...anyone else hear anything? I'm trying not to get excited because I'll feel more comfortable once I have a letter of acceptance in hand.