Nursing programs near Jacksonville, NC?

  1. Possible move to this area in the next year... What RN or BSN programs are near here?
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  3. by   nclady31
    There is not too much surrounding Jacksonville. Coastal Carolina Community College is there and they do have an ADN program. UNC- Wilmington is about an hour and 15 minutes away with a BSN program, but that may be too long a drive for you. Good luck!
  4. by   nuberianne_RN
    UNCW is the only BSN program within driving distance. Other ADN programs within driving distance include:

    Coastal Carolina CC local
    Cape Fear CC (Wilmington) 1hr 15 min
    Lenoir CC (Kinston) 1hr
    Craven CC (New Bern) 45-50 min
    Carteret CC (Morehead City) 50 min-1hr
    James Sprunt CC (Kenansville) 50 min-1hr: They are on probation for low NCLEX scores so their reputation is not the best. However, if it is the only school you get into remember your license says RN only, not the school name. I graduated from there relatively recently and was easily hired at my first job interview.
  5. by   rghbsn
    You could also look into ECU (Greenville, NC) for BSN...about an hour 15 also.
  6. by   raymonsgal
    be sure to apply soon... @ craven community college for example you apply in june 2010 for jan 2011 adn...and it is the same way at other local community colleges. and if you are a military wife, i know you will only have 3 years here tops...