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  1. Hi All:

    Is anyone a student at any of the following schools:

    -Carolinas College of Health Sciences

    if so, how do you like their nursing programs. I was not accepted into 2 programs I applied to , but I'm still determined and want to become a nurse . I've done my own research on these programs for the past year, but I would like some 'first hand experience' if anyone can offer me any.

    Steph :spin:
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  3. by   funinsun

    What kind of information are you looking for?
  4. by   ssanders80
    Hi there:

    If you or someone you know was/is a student in one of these programs, how do they/you like it? What do you think of their admissions process, is there any opinion/insight you can give me other than what is on the school's website?

  5. by   funinsun
    Speaking to Carolinas program:
    Getting your pre-reqs done is always good-I did them concurrently with the program and it was a load-but that's the same story anywhere..
    I enjoyed the clinicals at they were at CMC Main which is one of the bigger hospitals in the area, you can get a variety of experiences..
    The instructors were good, some were tougher than others, but overall they bring a variety of experience to the classroom..
    It is a small program in a small building so you will know everyone quickly if not their face (which is good or bad depends on you).. There's not always a lot of space to spread out and study so I would find a seperate location to do that if I were to do it again.. I dont know if the parking situation is any better, but when I was there it was horrendous for us, haha..
    Our class had a high NCLEX pass rate (close to 99%) and we took CAP tests after each class to prepare us for NCLEX which was great..
    UNCC-a lot of people trying to get into that program and not enough slots! I heard they had some trouble some years back with accredidation/NCLEX pass rates but I think that's behind them..Seems to be a good program..
    Queen-There are some other threads here that talk about it a lot-it's a good program, their ASN program recently merged from Presbyterian Hospital to Queens and so they're enthusiastic about that program..
    -Hope this helps!
  6. by   ssanders80
    Thanks for this info! I really appreciate it. I've applied to CCHS and I will apply to UNCC and ECU once I get my Chem. completed. I'm also taking nutrition next semester so as to have that done in case I don't get accepted again (thinking positive that it won't), but it's always best to be prepared.
  7. by   mel0912
    I just graduated from ECU in May 08. THey have a wonderful nursing program that really prepares you for the NCLEX and the highest pass rates in the state.