no relief at change of shift

  1. Was wondering what others do if, at the end of your shift, it becomes evident that the nurse who is supposed to relieve you is a no show. I have had this happen before but have always had the issue resolved quickly either by my staying or by some other means. It happened to me the other night though and I could not stay (I was working a 4h eve shift as a casual rn to help out and could not do a 12h night). I stayed and extra hour whilst they dilly dallied (the charge nurse had no patients) and finally I went and got my coat and bag and again asked the charge nurse what the plan was and was told again that she was working on it. I said that was not acceptable and that either she could take report on my patients or I would be calling the super to take report on them but that either way I was going home. She finally took report. Now if there were a severe weather alert or something I would of course expect to stay but not under these circumstances. I feel it is the hospital's responsibility to staff appropriately and not to make nurses feel that they must stay for hours longer because if they don't they are abandoning their patients.
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  3. by   fergus51
    Our charge nurse or extra nurses will take the assignment. It has happened to me, and I just don't have the energy to stay late after working a night shift.