New Grad. How long will it take to get my license?

  1. Hello all! I graduated about a week ago, and I'm very anxious to take NCLEX and start working! I have a conditional job offer, but of course I can't work until I'm "officially official." How long does that take, usually? My school told us to expect not to to be able to take NCLEX until the 3rd or 4th week of January, at the earliest. When will I be able to start working after that? I'm worried about losing this job if the process takes too long, although I was upfront with them about the delayed testing issue.

    Any ideas that might help expedite this process? The school hasn't been very helpful...their attitude is essentially, "we'll get to it when we can."
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  3. by   Wolf020
    You sign up for an appt. to take the NCLEX on their website. Their should be testing centers that you can select from. The test is costly and you need to answer at least 70 or 80 questions before it will end if you passed. I had a guy in my class who had 200 something questions before the test ended. Therefore, this isn't an exam you want to rush into. Adequate preparation is necessary. Check to see what rules your state's nursing board has on the NCLEX. For instance, I know in some, if you fail, you are required to wait a certain amount of days/months to take it again. So bottom line is, do your best the first time around.
    On the flip side, studies show the longer you wait to take a test-the more recall memory you lose and the poorer you do on the exam.

    1. Talk to your Nursing Dean and see when the earliest you are eligible to sign up for the exam.
    2. When eligible, go online to the NCLEX website and find a date/location that works for you. Then notify your potential employer about when your scheduled. Usually hospitals are fairly flexible.
    3. Go on Amazon and get a NCLEX study guide. Example: Saunders.
  4. by   WantAccel.BSN
    Thanks. However, I'm really not concerned about passing, and I can't sign up for NCLEX until my ATT is released. I appreciate your help, but I'm more interested in hearing from people how long the process takes from graduation to licensure.
  5. by   augustluv4
    It all depends on when they receive your official transcript and release your ATT. Our cohort gradated in Dec 2011. Some were able to sit for board by the 2nd wk of Jan. Got our result within the next 1-2 days on the BRN web. Some were delayed several wks.
  6. by   UcStudentNurse
    If you haven't already apply and pay for the test. That way as soon as your ATT comes in you can register. In the mean time start doing min 75 practice questions a day and work up to taking 265 which is the Max that way you are used to sitting that long.

    Good luck!