Need feedback on Watts School of Nursing

  1. Hi all!

    Wondering if anyone here is currently attending Watts and, if so, can you tell me about your experiences there? Do you love it? Hate it? Gimme the lowdown!

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  3. by   to-be-an-RN
    Im trying to get in at Watts also. They seem to have a shorter waiting list than Durham Tech and Wake Tech. Do you know if they are telling the truth about not having a wait list? When are you starting and when did you apply? I came to this message board to see if anyone had good things to say about Watts too? Let me know if you have recevied any feed back about their program.
    I like that they graduate and take pics in the "old timers" nurses hat and uniform
  4. by   yeepers
    There is no waiting list at Watts as they take applications on a rolling basis. The only thing is that you have to have all your prerequisites completed before you start. You also have to submit an application along with 5 letters of reference. After that you have to take a general aptitude test. If you score high enough then they proceed with your application. If you do not then you have the option of taking it again at a later date or dropping the application all together. You also need to get your CPR certification before starting.

    Watts accepts 2x a year - Spring and Fall. I applied in Feb '04 and am starting Jan '05. I didn't start my prereqs until Jan '04 and have been taking them at Wake Tech. They fill their class on a first-come-first-served basis so there is a possibility that even when you apply you may have to wait one session as they may already be full.

    Tuition for Watts for the upcoming Spring is over $5000 which is probably a big reason why fewer people are applying to Watts.

    Hope that helps!
  5. by   to-be-an-RN
    Yeah, that helps. I am taking A&P I this fall along with my Psy 241, and in the Spring of 05 I'll be taking my A&P II. So, I'm looking to get into their Fall 05 class. I have all the other courses they need already. I plan on student loans and then working for a Duke health system for 3 years to pay it off. It's a tuition reimbursement program they have. It's worth it to not have to wait 2 years or more on a wait list not knowing when they will call you. Besides you cant beat getting your foot in at Duke or any of its affiliates.

    You have to keep me posted on how it is at Watts once you get going.
  6. by   yeepers
    That's great Sounds like you've got it all figured out. Have you taken Soc210 yet? (oops...missed where you said you already have all the other courses). Have you submitted your application to Watts yet? If not, I'd do it as soon as possible.

    Keep me posted on how it's going
  7. by   to-be-an-RN
    Yeah, I have the sociology already and the Gen Psy. What I forgot to ask you was if you have taken the preadmissions test at Watts yet? What kind of stuff was on it? Reading and Math? Or was there Algebra on the test? Did they give you the study guide? If it is like a college asset test then I wont even worry about it. That was the only thing that I was concerned about. Not knowing if it is like a college asset or compass test.

  8. by   nursetopray
    I have some of the same questions.. I plan to attend Watts as soon as I am done with my pre reqs. I just applied, so I am awaiting a word from them. I am taking my pre reqs at State because wake tech's classes were all full by the time I could register. How did you get the A & P class? are you signed up to be an ADN student? As for watts, what is this aptitude exam like? I hope to be taking it soon. I've heard the classes are like military school. Have you heard anything else? Have you been conditionally accepted? By the time I am done with my pre reqs I would not be able to start until Fall 05 or spring 06. I wish you all well.
  9. by   yeepers
    Thought I'd bump this back up to see if there's anyone else out there about to start at Watts in Jan '05

    For all of you who replied previously and mentioned you were applying...did they tell you about the new requirements for admission? Watts is going to an ADN program instead of just a diploma and will affect everyone starting after Jan '05.

    Look forwarded to hearing from any Watts people out there.