Nags Head...need info on hospitals QUICK!

  1. I am going to Nags Head on Wednesday and am hoping someone from there can give me some information about working there. I live in Wilmington and accepted a short assignment in Nags Head.
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  3. by   kissthestars16
    would you please tell me how it went i am thinking about moving there!

    amanda 21 yo bsn student from freezing cold ny
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    Well......the area is nice! However, the agency screwed up...the assignment was for 4 weeks, and they had told me it was for 2 weeks! I couldn't stay 4 weeks.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed my time there! Be careful, though, I went to lunch at a cute seafood place, and the hamburger was $10!!!!!!!

    It is very expensive to live there...the manager offered me a full-time job, but also mentioned that housing costs were out of this world!

    The hospital is small but was built to grow, which they are finding out is needing to be done sooner than originally planned.
  5. by   VickyRN
    Hate to mention one other thing... if you move to this area, watch out for hurricanes! Have already had one spur the Outer Banks this year (Alex) and it's not even September! :uhoh21: