Moving up to NC advice

  1. Military fam here next base may be in Atlantic beach

    ok, so quick background I have 5 years ER/level 1 trauma experience in Miami so I have seen and treated the worst of the worst , I have 3 years exp
    as charge nurse in that facility .

    1. Good Hospitals to work for?
    2. Pay , to reference I make 38/hr now base if I won't make a that as bedside I don't have issues applying for management positions but pay near this amount is important to me
    3. Good areas to move too , budget is around 350-400k?

    thanks in advance
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  3. by   mmc51264
    Eastern NC has a huge nursing shortage. There are lots of options. The UNC system is here, Duke system, a hospital system WakeMed. There are many others. I think we have 5-6 level 1 trauma centers in a 200 mi radius. UNC and Duke are 8 miles apart. Both are great systems.
    There is the Charlotte area, but I don't have as much knowledge about that area other than it is a cool area to live.
    Raleigh-Durham, where I live, is growing and is, for the most part, a great place to live; lots of things to do.
    The pay may freak you out, but with shift diffs and other benefits, it's worth it. I get great tuition assistance at Duke. Lots of discounts for being a Duke employee. Lots of friends work at UNC and they love it there.
  4. by   Traumaqueen87
    Thanks for the feedback , I heard those areas are nice . We are coast guard so we will be more by the coast like Atlantic beach station ... any info on stuff going on there?
  5. by   mmc51264
    New Hanover is the big hospital in the Wilmington area. It is nice there. hubby wants to retire there. Not sure how far it is from Atlantic Beach.
  6. by   riseabove
    Have you moved yet? Unfortunately NC does not pay as well as Miami. $38/hour would put you at the top of the pay scale, unless you work the weekend option.

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