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  1. Hi,
    This is my first post here and I'm not sure if it's in the appropriate place but here's my question...
    My husband is in the Marine Corps. Our home of record is TX, which is where I'm licensed. I still have my TX driver's license, but we own a home here in NC and have lived here for three years now. My question is should I apply for a NC license even though NC and TX are members of the compact? If I did so, would I have to relinquish my TX license, would it be considered inactive or can I have two licenses at once? '
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking to going back to work after taking 18 months off when I had my son and just want to get all my ducks in a row. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   RNforbabies
    Oh and I wanted to add I've called the TX BON a couple times about this issue and it seems every time I get a crabby person who only gives vague answers and really doesn't seem to know how to answer my question since I'm a military spouse.
  4. by   TLSpaz
    I am a milspouse. I live in GA (not a compact state) but SC is my home-of-record. I can hold concurrent licenses for GA and SC because GA is not a compact state. The compact will not allow you to hold two or more licenses concurrently for states that are in the compact. That is one of the stipulations of the compact. The advantage is that since you are a compact license holder needing a license in another compact state, then the endorsement process for you should be fairly seamless. Your TX license would be considered inactive but anyone who verified licensing on you would most likely be looking in Nursys anyway and would see that you are active in a compact state. In other words...don't worry about the "inactive" status on your TX license coming back to haunt you, if that is your concern. Hope this helps a bit.

    Read more here:

    Best wishes to you!
  5. by   TLSpaz

    I actually work in SC, but have a GA drivers' license. On the SC state board website, I have two addresses listed. One is my home address (SC) and one is my mailing address (GA).
  6. by   res0uuga
    I'm a retired mil. spouse. Anyway, I kept my license from Tx when returning to N.C even though N.C was my home of record and I had an inactive license in N.C. I think you can do it either way. If I planned to move back to Tx I don't know if I would go through the h/
    a of getting N.C license if I didn't have to. This was the instructions I got from NCBON at the time. Rules change so check NCBON to be sure.
  7. by   HOLLYMH84
    I'm wondering what you ended up doing? I am moving from SC to NC but still have SC as my permanent address. Do you pay the $150 fee? Seems ridiculous to have to pay that fee to me??
  8. by   RNforbabies
    Thanks for the info Terra! Holly, I haven't done anything yet. When I worked here in NC before, I just worked on my TX license (since they are compact states) and no one said anything. I had left a month before having my son and now that he's 18 months old, I've decided to go back. I applied a few weeks ago to the same hospital, but things here move so slowly!! The first time I worked there, it took me 4 months to get hired on! So I guess I'll just see what the hospital wants me to do this time, but it is going to be a huge hassle if I have to change my driver's license, etc to obtain a NC license (not to mention pay all the crazy fees). Especially since TX is our permanent residence, our cars are registered there and we plan to return in 2013 :/ I'll keep y'all posted though.
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    The link you posted is great btw! I still think it's just so confusing for a military spouse though! NC is my current residence, but not my permanent and like I said I still have a TX license, my car is registered in TX, etc. I get my nurse bulletins shipped to NC so the BON has my current address here in NC. I just don't know. That's why I say I guess I'll just do whatever the hospital here wants to me to do.