Mercy School of Nursing Charlotte, NC Evening Program Information?

  1. Hello AllNurses,

    I am career changer interested in going back to school for nursing at Mercy School of Nursing in Charlotte, NC. I plan on applying for the Evening/Weekend Program starting in the Spring of 2013. I am applying to CPCC & Queens as a back-up plan -- but I heard bad reviews on their program.

    My question to allnurses is are my stats competitive for entry into the MSON? I have read posts where students with previous degrees and all the pre-req's did not get in. I have one pre-req that will be pending which is Microbiology (Taking it in the Fall 2013 so it will be pending when I apply)...Should I even apply now or wait until next year?? Am I even competitive?? I am freaking out over here!! Any answer will be a great answer!

    My Undergraduate GPA was 3.1
    A&P I - C
    A&PII - B
    Chem I - B
    Microbiology- In Progress
    Dev Psych - B
    Sociology - B
    English I -A
    English II - B
    General Psych - B
    Speech- B

    I am basically a B student and a lot of the student stats at MSON I have seen are all A students. Mercy is my first choice because they have a evening weekend program. Do you think I will have a chance at any program? Can anyone help me?

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  3. by   Irish_Mist
    Why don't you talk to an adviser in the college of nursing department and ask what type of grades they're looking for? They should be able to give you some hint on how competitive your grades are. I did that with Texas Woman's University and they told me to make sure to get all As on science classes. If anything, I would strongly consider re-taking A&P1 if I were you. Bs are good but Cs are usually frowned upon especially at the schools I've looked into.

    As far as you having a chance at that school, I wouldn't know as I know nothing about that school. Talk to an adviser. The adviser I talked to was very honest about my chances although she couldn't "guarantee" anything.
  4. by   sogade
    I was just accepted and start at Mercy School of Nursing in the fall. They use a point system to choose applicants. The grade point average is fine, but you won't get as many points for a 3.1 as you would a 3.5+, do you have a previous degree? Did you take the SAT/ACT? Have you taken the TEAS yet? It will all depend on how many points you can accumulate and the points of those applying when you do. I was told I would need about 8 points to be competitive, I had almost 9 and got in. I don't remember the exact breakdown, but my GPA is 3.7,I had an A in AP1 and you get 1 point for that, I scored In the 99th percentile in all categories on the TEAS, I really think my TEAS score is what clinched it for me, but having a previous degree gives you about 2 points, I think, so if you did have a previous degree and only an average TEAS, you could still get in. CPCC only looks at TEAS scores, if you take it and score about 80 you shouldn't have a problem getting in there, but they don't have a nights/weekends program, that I know of.
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