Is the RN Program at Wake Tech hard to get into?

  1. hello! i'm somewhat new here..

    i've decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming a nurse, and i'm very excited, and yet nervous.

    after alot of research about the differences between lpn's & rn's, with regard to education, responsibilities, utilization, need, etc., i decided to just go for it and get my assoc degree at a cc in nursing (rn). i'll start out as a cna, as it's a requirement of the cc program, and this way i can start gaining experience.

    all this excitment however, i'm hearing stories of it taking a long time for people to get in to the cc rn programs? especially at wake tech or durham tech. is this really true? are there really, really long waiting lists? i wonder if it's even possible to start my classes this fall? (i'll be done with my cna by may)

    the other thing on my mind is, after receiving my cna and wanting to put it to work asap, i'm hoping i can find a decent job and quit my current job alltogether. i realize cna's don't make that much $$, but i'm hoping for the overtime pay, which i've seen is readily avalable in my area. after working as a cna at hopefully a hospital/ltc facility, etc., i'd like to start my rn classes knowing that (crosses fingers) i'd have a flexible schedule to help make this possible. i'd like to think that a healthcare employer would apprecaite my desire to further my education, right?

    i've also found out that the rn program has quite a few of its classes available online, so maybe there's even more flexibility?

    i have no kids, yet. and, my hubby will be a new emt by the time all this starts, so we'll both be in the medical profression working crazy hours. so my focus wouldn't be that interuppted.

    so, my question (finally) is... does this sound like an ok plan? is it reasonable to think i can become an rn in two years while continuing to work as a f/t cna (2nd shift prob)? is it really hard to get into nursing school? are there ridicuously long waiting lists for the cc's in raleigh?

    any help and advice is thoroughly appreciated!

    ~ april
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  3. by   ncsportsfan
    I'm not familiar with Wake Tech but most community colleges are about the same. If you don't have any prereqs then you are looking at 3-4 years total (at least one year for prereqs and 2 for the nursing program). Many schools have went away from wait lists, the wait comes from gaining enough points from your prereqs (Biology, English, Psych, etc) so make sure you make the best grade you can. Also become familiar with the programs entry requirements sometimes volunteering, or a CNA II and other things can help.
    I think the only people getting in to a nursing program without prereqs are straight out of high school. I suggest you apply to all the nursing programs in your area that you can drive to, like Durham or other Community colleges.
    Working as a CNA is a good plan, try as hard as you can to get on at a hospital if you plan on working at a hospital when you become a nurse.
  4. by   aubreys mama
    I don't know if you are still looking for information on Wake Tech but if so shoot me an email though this site or respond here and I can give you tons of info.
  5. by   wendydas
    Aubrey's mama,

    I'm also interested in the Wake Tech. nursing program and wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some information? I have a BS degree in psychology but never did anything with it. I probably have to take some of the pre-reqs over again since it's been a long time. I'm planning on attending an information session at the school. I don't know about how competitive the school is but I assume that it's popular. :-)


  6. by   wendydas
    Aubrey's mama,

    I'm also interested in the Wake Tech. nursing program and wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some information? I have a BS degree in psychology but never did anything with it. I probably have to take some of the pre-reqs over again since it's been a long time. I'm planning on attending an information session at the school. I don't know about how competitive the school is but I assume that it's popular. :-)


  7. by   aubreys mama
    Attending the info session is the best thing. is what it all boils down to. At Wake Tech everything for entry to the program is based on points. There are a few classes that have to be taken with in the last five years and they are the BIO sciences ie, A&P I and II, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, Nutrition and your Math. If your math is older than five years this doesn't mean you have to retake it it just means you have to pass the COMPASS test (basically testing out of Math 070. The specific score that you need is 46 or higher.) Prior to taking A&P you need to show that at some point you have had a chemistry class (even in high school). The one course that I am not sure if it matters when you took it is PSY 241 (developmental Psych).

    So how are these points calculated...take the number of credit hours multiplied by the quality points for the grade you earned. A=4, B=3, C=2
    A&P I, II, Nutrtion, MICRO, Patho and general psych and developmental psych are worth double points.

    If it is a 4 credit hour class and you got an A 4x4=16pts then if it was a course worth double points multiple that by 2. =32 pts

    The other classes that add points ar ENG 111, ENG 112, a humanities. NOW for the bad news if you have ever received a D or F (within five years of the start of the program) in any of these courses D=-10 and F=-20...if the course is worth double point you will have points subtracted D=-20 and F=-40 as the penalty is multiplied as well.

    Only calculate the classes you have completed with the grades you have earned, then if you take the TEAS and get the max points you will add an additional 50 points to your score.

    You do not have to complete everything to be accepted you just have enough points to be in the top 60. You do have to have your CNA and TEAS done prior to submission of your application and whatever courses are complete at the deadline for that application are the only ones that count.

    After all tha I would say once you have everything except 2 courses done, apply.
    Here is a good course plan if it works for you. You need one year to complete everything, so say you decide in JUN you want to apply. Take the CNA course first in the summer start classes in the Fall with the following:
    1st semester take (Fall)
    PSY 150, A&PI, English 111 and Humanities
    2nd semester take (spring)
    A&P II (BIO 169), English 112, Nutrition (BIO 155), Developmental Psych (PSY 241)
    APPLY to the program say 1 JUL for spring semester
    Now you have to wait till OCT to find out if you made the points cut so take Micro and Patho in the FALL. If you don't get in for Spring of the following year you now have as many points as you can get and you apply again.

    I am sure that by now you get that receiving A's in all the BIO and PSY classes are important since they are worth double.

    Then during you last two years of school your schedule will be 8 credit hours (1st full semester, spring), 5 credit hours (summer), 10 credit hours (2nd full semster, fall), 10 credit hours, spring), 10 credit hours (2nd full semster, fall).

    Yes it is a long time. For me, I am a second degree student so I completed the classes for Wake Tech and applied to both UNC-Chapel Hill and Wake tech. I was accepted to both programs and choose UNC-CH due to graduating with a BSN vs ASN in the same period of time.
    I think that Wake Tech has an excellent program, a nurse manager at the hospital when I was doing my clinicals for CNA have said that Watts and Wake Tech grads are very competent.
    I hope this helps instead of confuses you.
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  8. by   aubreys mama
    Specifically for you I would look at my transcripts and see what I need. I did take A&PI and Micro and dev psy (online) at the same time. Then Micro, nutrition and A&PII. When I applied I still have Patho to complete and I got in easily with my points.

    Just to give you some perspective my grades were:
    BIO 168 (A&P I)= A=32pts
    BIO 169 (A&P II)= A=32pts
    BIO 175 (Micro)= B=18pts
    BIO 155 (nutrition)=A=24pts
    PSY 241 (dev psy)=A=24 pts
    Eng 111= C=6pts (1st degree)
    Eng 112= B=9pts (1st degree)
    Humanities elective= A=12 pts
    total of 157 pts
    plus 50 points for TEAS =207
    When I applied Psy 150 was not being calculated into the points and when the inital letters went out the points range for the 60 accepted was 171-235 pts
    If you have questions just ask. If I confused you go to the info session they once you get the paperwork it will all make sense.
  9. by   wendydas
    Thank you so MUCH for this information! I kind of thought that I had to take as many classes as I could before being accepted into the program. I already have a BS in Psych so hopefully that helps. I've been taking accounting courses at Wake Tech but I hated it and my grades aren't that great. I'm much better @ biological sciences. So I guess the best thing to do is take the biology courses and study hard. :-) I can also take classes @ NCSU and transfer. I'm looking to get an RN so I can do aesthetic injections. This would be my second career. :-)
  10. by   CarolinaGirl1112
    Thanks so much for the info! I'm planning on going to nursing school and it looks like I have a TON of research to do.
  11. by   Meica
    Hi ladies I am also looking forward to pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse. I finished schoool almost a year ago with a BS degree in
    Psychology. I would really like know how hard the program is once you are accepted into it.
  12. by   medchyc
    hello meica,

    i don't know if you are still interested in the nursing program at wake tech,but i am currently enrolled in the program. i am going into my 3rd semester,and it is definitely a challenge. it's not that the information is difficult,but it takes a commitment due to the amount of work. it's not like your pre-reqclasses where you learn the information, and then you give the same informationback (memorization basically). in nursing school you need to be able to applyit, so you need to understand multiple concepts to answer one test questionssometimes. i am loving it, but i am glad to have a strong support system withinmy class. we really do work together and you are more successful working as ateam. be prepared to work, and make school a priority and you will be fine! ihope you give it a chance. you psychology degree would be a great asset attimes - i hope this helps

  13. by   jojospain
    I am currently taking my prereq classes at waketech. I am planning to take the cna course in the summer session but I also want to take at least one other course. Does anyone know what classes are offered in the summer and is it a 5 week course, how many days and hours a week? Summer schedule hasn't come out yet and I work one day a week and have a young son so I am trying to coordinate my classes with my hubby's schedule. Thanks for any help you can offer!
  14. by   angjam
    Hi!! I know this is a really old post haha. But can you give me some info on the program at wake tech?! I would appreciate it! ☺️ Here's my Email address