How "Wake Tech Community College" Nursing Program works. - page 2

First and foremost Wake Tech does not have a waiting list! They actually use a point system, which I shall explain to you. The most points you can get is 270! You get points for the... Read More

  1. by   mmc51264
    They use a similar system at Johnston Community College. There was no time limit on my pre-reqs there I did my ADN there class of '12
  2. by   painter9300
    My daughter has taken AP English classes in HS and has passed the AP exam at the end of the year. Since that makes her exempt from having to take the ENG classes in college, will she miss out on points that could benefit her for the application process?
  3. by   leslierb28
    Painter9300, I am not 100% sure for Wake Tech CC, but for Central Carolina Community College she would miss out on those points. At CCCC you get specific points for how well you do on the TEAS test though. So if she does well on that she would more than make up for the lost points for the English classes.
  4. by   painter9300
    Thanks for the info. I was afraid she would miss out on the points, she will have to make sure she does real well on the TEAS.
  5. by   CacaoHeart
    I recommend going to their info session to be sure, though when I started 2 years ago the policy was that AP credit was calculated as a B, which was a little disappointing but was better than nothing. Provided she takes all the prereqs with A's in most, especially Bio 168/169, she stands a fair chance of getting in, even if initially wait-listed. It would not be worth retaking English to get an A.