Hospitals hire new grads? Or sub acute experienced RNs?

  1. I am trying to move down from Boston, I have about a year at a LTC, and one year at a LTAC (Long Term Acute Care Hospital), I work med-behavioral, med-surg, and ventalator dependent/weaning (non-ICU)..... Anyone work in Critical care in NC know how the hospitals would judge me over new grads? Would I go through a new grad orientation?
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  3. by   FloatingRN
    It depends a LOT on the manager. I ended up going into LTC after graduation d/t hiring freezes, ended up staying because I was rapidly promoted to Nurse Manager. Yeah, I know, that should have told me something. After a year, changes in upper management (and their new policies) scared me into leaving without having another job arranged...where I promptly discovered that LTC nursing isn't considered "real" nursing.
    I ended up landing an interview at my top-rated hospital with the Nursing Resource Director, and she was willing to give me a shot in Float Pool (which is completely PRN). From there, I was able to bulldoze my way into Critical Care, and I busted my tail trying to prove myself. The same managers who continuously ignored my resume 6 months ago because I wasn't a "real" nurse now poke at me every so often and ask "so when are you going to decide to come work for me?" Needless to say, if it weren't for Float Pool, I could very well STILL be looking for a job!
    It may not be Critical Care level all the time (at first), but it IS a foot in the door and a chance to prove that you're every bit as wonderful as you say you are in your resume. Good luck!!