HELP! please!

  1. i really want to be a nurse. those of you from north carolina:is it possible to become an rn by going to gaston college for two years?

    i became a member to get a feedback from certified r.n.'s because that is what i want to become. any advice or help you can give in becoming an rn would be incredibly helpful.

    thank u,
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  3. by   Morgan314
    I am not familiar with Gaston College, but there are many community colleges that offer nursing. Have you considered Gardner-Webb University? It is not too far from Gastonia and they have a nursing program. There are colleges in Charlotte too---CPCC, UNCC, Queens, and probably others. If you want to be a nurse, go for it.
  4. by   supermo
    Gaston has a very high pass rate for NCLEX so I wouldn't discount them.

    And don't bet on getting a ADN in two years from anywhere, including the pre-reqs, most programs run about 3 years or more.

    Like the other poster said, you could go to Central Piedmont Community College — Central Piedmont Community College, UNC Charlotte - Home Page, Queens University of Charlotte, Gaston College - Home

    Or you could go to North Carolina Board of Nursing for a listing of the schools.

    Good luck.