Getting into UNCG nursing program

  1. [font="arial black"]how difficult is the admission process at uncg?
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  3. by   ChayaChameleon
    UNCG is my alma mater (non nursing degree). Their nursing program is very good, rigorous, and highly competitive. I don't think they would consider anything less than a 3.5 GPA during their selection process.
  4. by   2ndcareerjo
    This year was really competitive. Around 90 of us got in and I'm not sure but I believe the gpa's were around 3.75 and higher for the ones who got in. They take the top 90 to 95 students. I have a friend with a 3.60 who didn't get in. I love it and am so excited for next fall.
  5. by   horseloverkayla
    I am stuck between going to ECU or UNCG for nursing. I have heard that UNCG has a very competitive program, as well as ECU. I want to eventually do Neonatal work, but I'm first planning on just getting my bachelor's. Can anyone give me some guidance on which nursing school is best? Or what UNCG's nursing school is like?
  6. by   Murse Student
    I just got into UNCG SON you have to complete a Nursing 210 and Lab then you get evaluated in the lab component. The Administrative side will pick the top 90 to 95 students depending on slots based on GPA and eval from Lab instructors. Also make sure you get A's in your sciences save any B's for other work not your science courses, though some students have gotten in with a B in a science you want to be as competitive as possible. You have to apply at the end of fall beginning of spring and you receive an acceptance letter or refusal letter during spring break. I really don't have any information in ECU but UNCG SON is great so far, great Professors they are always there to help!
  7. by   Nancy Forbes
    I graduated from UNCG SON in 2009. 90 of us got in, all had a GPA above 3.75 I think. We were told admission was based only on GPA, not lab 210/220 evaluations, but that may have changed. It's a good program, all and all. Very tough and very rigid, you follow every rule or you are out, end of story. Some instructors are great, some are awful which is probably no different from any other school. It's a demanding program but I can tell you it prepared me well for the real world of nursing so it was woth all the effort and sleeplessness.
    I'm now doing my MSN online and miss the interactions in a class. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   chelseadanielle8
    oh my goodness. some of these comments are crazy. i know people with a 3.5 gpa who got in last semester. 90 get in but only 140-150 people apply. It's a wonderful program.
  9. by   soutan7
    when you say that the prereqs gpa? or overall gpa?
    is this the second degree program?
    I have a 3.0 from my first degree...and a 3.7 from prereqs
  10. by   soutan7
    When you said GPA of 3.75, are you referring to prereq GPA or previous degree GPA?
    Did you have to submit SAT or ACT scores?
  11. by   soutan7
    I dont want to waste my time applying if I dont have a change with UNCG second degree nursing. So I have a 3.0 in first Bachelors. I have a 3.7 in prereq science classes. Do you think I have a chance of getting in? Does it seem the first degree gpa counts as much as the prereq gpa?
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...