Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2011 students????

  1. Hello everyone, I have been following this site for some time watching everyone that got into the fall 2011 ADN program at Forsyth Tech. I also got in and am extremely excited. My niece is still on the alternate list and has not been called back yet. Not sure when they will do that, but I would think it would be soon since we had until June 1 to get everything in. I would think they would start that process soon. I also know they will be calling again towards the middle of August when we have another orientation so don't give up hope if you don't get that call. My reason for posting today was to see if I could meet some people and make friends before we start our classes. I am in section 101, but I believe on Monday and Wednesday we will all be having lecture class as a group. Therefore I feel like meeting anyone in any section may be a good idea for all of us. I am also sure we will be seeing each other in the future so any friends and study buddies we can make will be good for all of us. Also if you received an alternate letter it would be great if you post here as well. From what I understand they usually end up accepting most of their alternates any way. So lets start a list of candidates here and maybe we can all hook up on facebook. You can find me there by using jennifer.cromermain or my email Let me know you are from allnurses and that you are in the program or are an alternate. I look forward to meeting you all.
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    Hey there Jennifer,

    I too like your niece is on the alternates list waiting to be called. From the letter i received back in march they will not be calling anyone off the alternates list until after july 1st.. so a couple of more weeks of waiting. does your niece know what alt. no. she is?

    But congrats to you on your acceptance.
  5. by   mainj104
    No she doesn't know what alternate number she is. Is she supposed to know? And you are sure it is after July 1 and not June 1. I thought it would be after June 1 since that was the deadline we received to get our paperwork in to them. We had several deadlines to meet and June 1 was really the last one, other than orientation in August. I would think they would start calling after our June 1 deadline because there is a lot you guys have to get done before class starts. Getting background check, drug test, medical paperwork, etc. I have another question for all of the alternates - Has anyone successfully received their alternate number from FTCC?
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    I just looked at my letter again and it says that the nursing dept isn't allowing any alternates to be called until after July 1st to give you guys time to get your stuff in and I'm guessing to see how many they will be calling.

    I got my alternate no. from ms. S. I just emailed her and asked her, she got back to me with in that hour.
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    I just wanted to bump this up
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    I think I'm in your section....I just need to look at my schedule again, but I'm pretty sure. Do you have your clinicals on Thursday as well?
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    i wanted to know for those of you who got into the program for fall 2011 (congrats!!) would you mind tell me how many points you had to make yourself competitive? please...i am applying in the for spring of 2011
  10. by   nyanbensmommy1
    I was on the alternates list and my letter stated they accepted points from 157 - 191, but it will be different this time around because of the difference in total adjusted points needed for the TEAS V exam.

    Are you going to the nursing info session this coming Tuesday.
  11. by   sportigirl03
    Yes, I will be there but I think its the 27th which is a wednesday at 5:30-7pm in Bob Green Hall room 139. I have 84 points now with just my I hope that I do really well with my TEAS! I am going to take it in Charlotte at CPCC and then drive down that evening. It will be a very long day! Hope to see you there!
  12. by   nyanbensmommy1
    84 point is pretty good, then add on whatever you get on the TEAS exam and you'd be set. I plan on being there as well, hopefully I'll get to meet you. I'm sure it's going to be packed.

    Good luck on the exam, I plan on taking it at GTCC, but they don't allow test taking until 8/29 so i have tons of time to study for it. But, if I get an earlier test date from forsyth i'm definatly taking it.
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    this is one of the largest adn programs in the state...i know it will be packed but at least they take 70+ students. i am retaking a few classes i have 87 points...actually i double checked...i'll take those three points! i am taking the test in charlotte and then taking it again at ftcc depending on how it goes wednesday. i just want a baseline or a feel for how it’s going to go. shoot me and email and we can have a little intro sure.
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    are you on facebook?