Fall 2011 Mercy School of Nursing Hopefuls... - page 5

Hi there! I have applied to Mercy SON for Fall 2011. I am anxiously waiting to find out about acceptance. Is there anyone else who has applied to MSON for Fall 2011 as well? We could keep each other... Read More

  1. by   medic2131
    I just got back from vacation to find an acceptance letter!!! I am SO excited!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet my fellow night/weekend classmates!
  2. by   olivergirl
    Congratulations medic2131! Glad to hear you were accepted. I will be in your night/weekend class
    Serenity11...are you also night/weekend?
  3. by   yrn4lrn
    Looking forward to meeting everyone at orientation. Is the orientation for the evening and weekend program on the 18th also?
  4. by   olivergirl
    Yes, it is. The orientation is for the daytime and evening weekend programs. Looking forward to meeting everyone!